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By Kyrin
Aug 21, 2007
  1. I'm Building a New Computer so i can play Vanguard and Lord of the rings online and I cant seem to find a good Graphics Card. I've been looking at the XFX 8600 GT XXX. I just wanna know if it will be able to run Vanguard/LOTRO on Medium or high settings. I have around 150$ to spend on a card.

    What I have so far -

    AMD 6000+ 3.0 Dual Core
    2gb RAM
    EVGA nforce 590 MotherBoard
    500w power supply
    250 Hard Drive

    *This is my first computer build*
  2. kpo6969

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  3. Kyrin

    Kyrin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'll be using XP so I'm guessing the 7900 GS is the way to go :3. Hmmm what one of those two 7900 GS's would be best? And thanks for the help :3
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