Computer crashed & won't start, even in safe mode

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Mar 20, 2009
  1. I'm writing from my husband's laptop because my desktop is completely dead. :(

    We were out of town for several days and I left my computer on and connected to the internet while we were gone. Not smart but . . .

    When we returned my desktop was running slow so I attempted to restart it. It locked up, I pressed/held the power button and when it restarted it attempted to run a disk check. The disk check locked up and I had to press/hold the power button again. When it restarted I got a blue screen ~ stop: C0000218 unknown hard error.

    Sometimes when I attempt to restart it I get:

    checking file system on C:
    file system = NTFS

    When I attempt to restart it in safe mode or safe mode with networking I get . . .

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\windows\system32\drivers\ . . . (various items)

    and it locks up with the dos commands above on the screen.

    I attempted to start it in "debug" mode and it runs the check disk scan, says the scan has been completely successfully and needs to restart, the screen goes black, the Windows logo appears, the screen goes black again and stays black.

    Everything I try ~ I just get a black screen or it locks up with DOS commands on it. What can I do to get my computer back and/or start in safe mode?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. soonergirl99

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    One suggestion I received was that the computer's boot.ini file was invalid. I went through the process and added the installation to boot list.

    When I attempt to start my computer via boot from the CD the following occurs:

    Welcome to Setup window appears. If I hit "Enter" I get the Licensing Agreement page; I hit F8 to accept; I see

    "The following list shows the existing partitions and unpartitioned space on this computer.
    -: Partition1 [FAT] 39 mb (31 mb free)
    C: Partition2 [NTFS] 72849 mb (9100 mb free)
    E: Partition3 [FAT32] 3397 mb (526 mb free)
    Unpartitioned space 8 mb

    Options: Enter=Install D=Delete Partition F3=Quit

    I don't want to lose the information (especially irreplaceable pictures of my son) that are currently on my hard drive.

    What do I do??

    Do I repair my computer via the repair mode? When I attempt to do this I get a C:/ prompt and am not sure what to do next.

  3. Route44

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    Your error is 0xC0000218: UNKNOWN_HARD_ERROR
    A necessary Registry hive file couldn’t be loaded.

    1. The file may be corrupt or missing (requiring either an Emergency Repair Disk or a Windows reinstallation).

    2. The Registry files may have been corrupted because of hard disk corruption or some other hardware problem.

    3. A driver may have corrupted the Registry data while loading into memory, or the memory where the Registry is loading may have a parity error (turn off the external cache and check the physical RAM).

    * As you can tell there could be several reasons why you are getting this error.

    Question: Do you know of someone who has enough tech knowledge to slave this harddrive in their system and access it that way?
  4. soonergirl99

    soonergirl99 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    We are fairly new to Texas and don't know anyone local that can slave my hard drive to their system. I did dust off another older (much slower) desktop that I'm now using so my husband can use his laptop. Can I slave the two desktops together (my crashed system and this older system)?

  5. kimsland

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