Computer crashes to blue screen, multiple errors and tests

By JustinR123
Oct 13, 2011
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  1. Hello

    I am having an issue with my PC crashing to the blue screen.I have been having this problem for the past 3 days and I need to solve this problem because it is effecting my school work.I did some research online and I have tried some tests to try and figure out what hardware may be damaged or bad.

    First my system details:

    Operating system: Windows XP pro Service pack 3
    2 x 2gig sticks of ram (4 gig)
    Nvidia 8800 gt video card
    Intel core 2 quad CPU
    Q6600 @ 2.40 ghz

    So I first started to notice the issues when I tried to run my usual programs for school.I also noticed that any kind of streaming video crashes my pc ( which isn't good as I have videos to watch for class). At first it locks up and sometimes stutters then it freezes and crashes to blue screen.I have had these following errors come up

    Stop: 0x000000f4

    Recently the atapi.sys has not been coming up but the stop error has.I thought it might be my ram from what I was reading. I downloaded the recommended Memtest.iso from and burned and ran it when the computer booted up.I ran it three times once for each of the sticks and one with them both plugged in and each time no errors or problems arised.I also tried one that runs when Windows is running and although it can't scan the entire memory I tried it and it crashed during this test.

    After I thought it might be my hard drive. I ran chkdsk as administrator and did the whole process and it returned no problems after a very long run.Lastly for the video card I wasn't sure how to test it so I ran some stress tests to see if it would be able to hold out and it never crashed once and made it through them all.

    I am really out of answers I just have no idea what it can be and looking some of the errors online the answers are so complicated and some are conflicting it really is hard for someone who doesn't know how to figure it all out.That is why I am asking for some help here I really need to figure this out I have papers due in a few days and this is taking up my time for those as I cannot run my PC long before it is crashing.

    Thank you in advance for the help I am at my PC most of the day studying so if you need anymore information please let me know I'll gladly provide it.

  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Have you tried updating the video cards drivers from Nvidia's support website?

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