Computer doesnt show desktop, start menu

By willywinky
Dec 9, 2008
  1. hi,

    OS - Win XP SP3

    i ran some pretty complicated malware-removal programs since my PC (on the office network) was showing loads of trojans and other malware. in the order of running, i ran Malwarebytes, MGTools, Combofix with the windows recovery option. Then, on not having found anything substantial, I uninstalled Combofix with the /u optiom and deleted C:Combofix and later, proceeded to delete C:MGTools.

    Post this, I ran SuperANTIspyware.Found some malware by the last named. I cleaned up the PC of all the crap and then, did a reboot.

    The PC allows me to do a Ctrl+Alt+Del log in, and once I hit Return after entering the password, it just shows me the blue background to the desktop - No items, no menus.

    Same thing happens in safe mode.

    Ran a SFC Scannow. Gave it the original boot disk. Rebooted after SFC. Again, the system wont move beyond the blue screen. Later, I discovered a solution.

    1. I do a Ctrl Alt Del
    2. go to File
    3. go to New Task (Run)
    4. Type explorer.exe

    and everything is alright.

    But on trying to reboot, the blue screen is a constant.

    Tried System Restore post this - doesnt allow me to go to Yesterdays date. Allows me only to go back to four hours prior to now.

    When SFC Scannnow did not help me, what will?
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