Computer freezes constantly, every five minutes

By arcadia123
Jul 19, 2011
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  1. my computer keeps freezing in and out of windows.
    ive reinstalled windows vista as well as win 7 several times, tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the latest drivers countless times.
    i updated my bios also. no difference.
    the computer simply freezes and stops working. its at the point now where it just crashes every 5 minutes, making the computer unusable.

    heres my specs

    asus m4a87td mother board
    6gb ddr3 ram, will get back to you on the model
    radeon 1gb 5770
    amd phenom x6 1090t

    im thinking it must be hardware related.

    how can i go about finding out the cause of these crashes? some sort of crash report? i know nothing about this stuff.

    and how can i go about eliminating the causes, hardware, pieces of software etc
  2. ComputerGuy55

    ComputerGuy55 TS Maniac Posts: 380   +8

    Check event viewer for some information:

    Click Start, right click My Computer, select Manage. On the Left Hand Side, select Event Viewer, from there select Windows Logs, in here check the System and Application logs to see if there are any Errors or Warnings. However there might not be anything listed here.

    The RAM may be damaged, or the Hard Drive may be damaged. Could be a power supply issue, or a Graphics Card issue, could be a motherboard issue... And doubtfully, but possibly a CPU issue, although these are rare.

    The best thing would be to test each part of the computer..

    Try starting the computer Safe Mode, do to this, restart the computer. As it is booting up, continually tap F8 until you get a few start up options. Select Safe Mode. (Do not choose with networking, or command prompt) See if it can run longer in safe mode.

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