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Computer freezes, requiring hard reset

By Kinchy ยท 4 replies
Nov 16, 2010
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  1. Hello, im quite new to this forum so please be patient with me......
    Im decently tech suavy, able to do my own hardware and software upgrades and identify some problems, but still learning.
    My computer is just over a year old, and it began acting up nearly a month ago...
    The problem occurs during gameplay. I only currently have 2 games on my computer, WoW and CoD4MW2, and during both games, and no given specific time, the computer freezes, and the monitor loses signal. I have recently noticed that during this freeze, I still receive audio, which makes me think it has something to do with the video card.

    My specs are as follows

    Processor: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 @2.33GHz
    Ram: 4GB
    64 bit Operating system running on Windows Vista w/ service pack 1
    I have a newly installed PSU (about 5 months old) running at 1200 amps (i believe)
    And a GeForce GTX9800 Video card, installed around the same time as the PSU.

    If you could help me with my situation in any way it would be greaty appreciated.
  2. Kinchy

    Kinchy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ive recently installed Speedfan, and am now noticing my GPU runs at 65C whilst no games are running... any tips on getting this down? (Not a laptop)
  3. mayokittens

    mayokittens TS Rookie

    sounds like your video card might be dieing
    if possible remove it or swap in another (remember to remove all the old drivers if you do) and see if the same thing happens
  4. Kinchy

    Kinchy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Are you certain this is the case? The video card is quite new, and after doing some surfing i've discovered that the card does run at unusually high temps when compared to other cards.
  5. mayokittens

    mayokittens TS Rookie

    not entirely certain, no. but it is possible.
    your computer only acts up during games, when the load on the card is at its highest. it locks up, which could be anything, but then you lose video while still having sound, so probly not a massive software failure. and you reported no blue screens.

    it make more sense than a june bug riding a dogs back during an Ecuadorian winter harvest looking for the mystic diamond sun to catch a lighting hair, if you catch my drift. ;)

    i should also have suggested earlier
    go to admin/system tools and open event viewer
    look at the events, especially the system and application options

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