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Computer freezing & crashing, help needed

By chill1993
Feb 23, 2010
  1. At less than two years old my custom built PC has always been in perfect condition but recently I've experienced problems with crashing and freezing. The first problem's started around three months ago when on plugging an ipod in to the USB drive the ipod would break and have to be rebooted in disk mode and wiped to work again (tested with 3 separate ipods). At first I thought it may be some sort of virus, but after running scans with AVG I found my computer was clean which led me to think it could be a power fault.

    Then, around a month ago, my computer started to randomly crash, shutting itself down immediately while in use then on restarting it would crash again. When left turned off for a longer period of time (a few hours) it would start up again as normal and work until the next crash when it would have to be left switched off again, but as my computer case has a thermometer I knew this was not due to overheating. The crashes began to occur more and more regularly (at very most 10 minutes after the computer was turned on) so I explored as many options as I could think of. I opened up the case and hoovered inside, I cleaned the fans, I deleted all temp files and temp internet files, I did a disk cleanup, I ensured there was sufficient RAM...

    After all this my computer STILL isn't working properly, the crashes have stopped and I have been unable to check it with an ipod, but instead it freezes (completely frozen - the cursor will not move, music playing stops, Ctrl + Alt + Delete doesn't work etc) randomly. Sometimes immediately after logging in to my work station the computer will freeze and need to be restarted whereas at other times - generally when nothing or only a single program is running - it will stay on for longer without freezing (an hour or more). Could this be a power supply problem? If so, how could it be fixed, and if not, what is wrong with my computer?

    I am not technically minded so I may be missing something obvious here, but I'm at a bit of a loss and any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,633   +97

    By any chance do you still have the minidumps created by your earlier crashes? You can find them in C:\windows\minidump. If so, please zip them in a single file and post them here with your next post.

    Secondly, do not rely on single AV solution, I would also advise you to scan your system using online scanning of ESET (it will ask you to download a small ESET scanner and install it).

    Download Secunia's PSI and run it; it will let you know if you have any security related issues with your installed software and advise you to update (if needed be).

    Check your system's logs, by going to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, then to Event Viewer, check all logs, specially check if there are logs with red/yellow tags; if there are any, please give as many details you can get from there.

    Also give us your system's specs, and OS details (e.g. which service pack you've installed etc., you can check that by opening my computer, then going to help menu and clicking on about windows).
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