Computer Freezing Problem

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Jun 28, 2008
  1. Okay. This problem has been going on for over a year now and I've struggled with it way too much. My computer will freeze whenever I do anything that involves sound or video (music, youtube, video games). I can surf the net and these forums as long as I wanna without it freezing, but if there is a video or music for a short period of time it freezes!!!! It usually doesn't last long, maybe 2-5 minutes, before it will lock up where I must manually shut down my comp and I can't even get to the task manager. I try to do all kinds of virus scans and ad-aware but it will freeze on that too (but I 100% know it's not because of this so you don't need to bring that up, I keep my PC clean and safe as anything). I've tried EVERYTHING such as reformatting, cleaning inside my tower like the dust, removing my speaker plug and so much more. I've searched everywhere but I can never find a correct answer. I've talked to my parents friends who are computer techies (which I will probably go to if someone here cannot help me) who said to try unplugging my mouse because that might be a problem, and it still froze without a mouse plugged in. I have all dx updates, windows updates, gfx card updates, blah blah blah. It's getting to the point where I really will pay anyone and anything to get this thing fixed. ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!!! It's very frustrating trying to game when you can only play for 5 minutes, restart and load the game which takes about 1-1.5 minutes, and repeat. Try doing that for about 1 to almost 1.5 years, it SUCKS. Please HELP ALL YOU CAN!!! TY!

    My computer specs:
    AMD Athlon 2400+
    Windows XP SP2 Pro Edition
    2.00Ghz, 512MB
    ATi Radeon x700 Pro GFX Card
  2. jazzman2040

    jazzman2040 TS Rookie

    it sounds like a memory buffering problem. you have plenty of speed, but not a lot of memory in ram. i bumped my older sys up to 1.5 gb and haven't had that prob in a while. sometimes you can allocate hd space as virtual mem and it will help as well. the windows user guide will have it in the index listing.
  3. drezian

    drezian TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply...but lol, where is the windows user guide or the index listng??
  4. jazzman2040

    jazzman2040 TS Rookie

    Almost always , you receive a booklet with the purchase of a new computer. It's usually inside the bag with the startup or repair disk. I usually have a hard time finding mine, because I put it somewhere safe until I need it. that means it's usually safe from me finding it for 2-3 hrs--lol. I just tore apart the computer desk upstairs this spring and packed a lot of things away-so now it's a matter of which box I put it in. I'll post again when I find it. sorry
  5. jazzman2040

    jazzman2040 TS Rookie

    Found it! "You can see if you're using virtual memory and see the size and type of the swap file, by using Control Panel." It goes on to state the steps necessary to achieve this:
    1. In the Main group, choose the Control Panel icon.
    2. In the Control Panel window, choose the 386 Enhanced icon.
    3. Choose the Virtual Memory button. The virtual memory dialogue box
    opens, displaying the current swap-file settings.
    4. To change the settings, click the Change button. The dialogue box
    expands, allowing you to change the settings.
    It does, however, go a bit further with a note on disk swapping- Do not prevent disk swapping unless disk space is at a premium!

    This whole procedure may be totally different/easier to access these days. I haven't tried it in 3 years. Good luck!
  6. drezian

    drezian TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Wow okay so I definately just fixed it. I went into the BIOS and turned the audio off (I forget exactly WAT it was called, but it was like the audio thing on the BIOS)...Now it works and runs perfectly. But, I want and need sound lol. Does this narrow down the problem??
  7. Zilliak

    Zilliak TS Booster Posts: 164

    Hey go to a local walmart or bestbuy and jsut get a 20$ creative soundblaster audigy and i recommend going to circuit city and getting more ram hes rite that is your problem cause i use to have the same problem go get 1 gb or a 512mb is it ddr2 ??? im runnning with 2gb
    on a
    AMDX2 2.5
    80gb HD
    8200A 512MB (onbaord)
    and Soundblaster AUdigy SE which is what i told you to get its around 20-40 buckaroos
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