Computer gets to Windows start screen and dies

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Jul 16, 2010
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  1. So i have a mix it has a n1996 mobo 2x2 gig stick's of ram 9500 geforce 1gig graphics a dual core processor 2.2 ghz 160 gig laptop hard drive.

    When i looked up the mobo it isnt the same as the one i have it is basically the same but i have sata connections and ide not all ide like the model say's also it say's max ram 1 gig which i thought this might be my problem only thing is i used it for about half hour surfing the net installing programs as i just reformatted this computer. any ideas

    Also i get a single short beep upon start up.
  2. acefsj

    acefsj TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 95

    Oh i guess i should let you know what i have tried.
    I have striped the computer completely reset the cpu cleaned everything out new power supply
    4 or 5 difrent hard drives including the one in this comp which works fine. cables ive tried now here is the wierd part i put to 256 mb sticks of ram in from this comp which work i am using now and my screen would not even come on im thinking it is the ram some how but the 2 gig sticks are brand new.just want to narrow it down before i go buy a 1 gig stick and try that also in my bios it say's something about 3.25 gig's of ram under 4gigs and only 3.2 is available dont understand that. also some times when it freezes i can see different colors which made me think maybe the processor as well over heating or something maybe
  3. acefsj

    acefsj TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 95

    It was the ram i bought a 1gig stick through it in and it is working ever since, Must just not have been able to take the 2 gig stick
  4. mailpup

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    Thanks for getting back with the solution. The thing with the 3.2GB or so of RAM available is due to the limitations of a 32 bit operating system.
  5. Frank Smith

    Frank Smith TS Rookie Posts: 75

    1. what is the Actual mobo.. no guessing...
    2. if the Ram is not proper then it will not work.
    3. x86 system will run with more than 4GB RAM - just not use.
    4. Ram must be the same speed - or if not the slower ram must be in the 1st slot.

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