Computer keeps restarting, wont boot

By Falcon85
Nov 4, 2008
  1. Having the same problem.... I came home started up my computer, goes through post screen then says your computer didn't start correct (safe mode, etc, etc) but doesn't matter what one you click on as soon as it gets to the windows loading screen it. flashes a quick bsod screen that you cannot read... and restarts again. So im lost... reseated memory pull all 4 of them out when 1 by 1 thou different slots doesn't matter does the same thing... tried reformatting with XP Pro, Vista, Vista 64 all pop a NTFS. SYS bsod screen.........

    I can not get mini's cause it wont load anything with out quickly restarting or when tryin to put a disk in to get another system loaded it. you get NTFS.sys problem....

    any help lol getting aggravated about to just order another hard drive lol...
  2. Bobbye

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    You're showing 4GB of RAM. Clarify the operating system that is on, please. 4GB is hefty for Windows XP.

    And please clarify something for me: You specs are headed by word "BlackIce". Explain.
  3. Falcon85

    Falcon85 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Lol don't worry about black Ice just the name of my computer haha.... its 4Gb in xp pro ya i know it only supports 3gb and after that its starts to subtract so forth for example video card etc. anyhow that was never a problem.... it just did this yesterday I think the hard drive is fried cause everytime i try to reinstall any system it will give u a NTFS.SYS bsod screen.... and anytime i try to boot it restarts.
  4. Bobbye

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    Excess memory

    I thought I addressed this already, but don't see the post. The 4GB can be causing the problem you're having. Try removing one of the sticks. If that doesn't work, set the BIOS to under clock.
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