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Jun 1, 2006
  1. Hello,

    We are attempting to fix a dreaded e-machine for my parents. It is model T2682. Originally, the power supply stopped functioning, which we replaced after testing it to make sure that was the problem (we purchased it from e-machines). When we attempted to restart the computer, the monitor and computer were not communicating. Realizing that often times, the motherboard is also faulty when the power supply fails with e-machines, we replaced the motherboard, CPU and cooling fan. Still the same issue. Someone suggested it might be faulty memory, so we tried replacing that as well. No go.

    We have tried unplugging everything and re-plugging it in, one at a time, and have tried different monitors and power cords.

    The fans and drives turn on but there is no video going to the monitor. Note that the video is built in to the motherboard (with the original as well).
  2. Milwaukean

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    Could it be that your Hard disk is not responding to the new mobo? When you boot up try booting it from CD-ROM - You can do this by pressing delete button during initial boot up and it will enter the BIOS. See if you can boot it from CD-ROM by putting the original emachines CD (restore) in the drive.

    It could be that the OS stopped responding. My T2692 is dead as well and I am working on the mobo stuff. If it does not work I plan to return the mobo and buy a new system on Tiger Direct for 150 and use my current hard disk to set up the whole thing. If that fails, may be I will buy a 10 GB cheap hard disk and install it and use my emachines hard disk as secondary to get my old data back. Let me see how it goes.

    Let me know if this works. How old is the system? If you spent more than 150 so far, it not worth spending another dime. BTW the emachines power supplies are (as I read here) pretty bad. It could have fried the mobo (again!). Not sure though. Have you got your CPU checked? How do you know that the CPU is not fried?

    There are several possibilities. Good luck and let me know what happens.
  3. sauce_dt

    sauce_dt TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Boy, I WISH we could get to that point. We have tried accessing the BIOS when starting up, but still no video. We used a POST card to test the system and all we confirmed is that the system is getting power.
  4. kirock

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    Well sounds like you've replaced everything. Are you sure the new PSU is working? Did you plug in the PSU 4 pin connector next to CPU on the mobo.
    Are you getting any beeps? No beeps means, dead CPU, dead mobo or dead PSU.
  5. sauce_dt

    sauce_dt TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Current motherboard does not have a 4 pin connection next to CPU. Unfortunately, we don't have an internal speaker. We are scavenging other computers to see if we can get one...

    Current configuration:
    Mercury 740FDMX Socket A Mobo (mATX)
    AMD Duron 1.8GHz CPU
    XP 3200 Core Fan
    250W Power Supply (50 Watt increase from original)
    512 DDR RAM (PC2700/184 pin)- 2x 256 RAM
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