computer overheating and crashing

By matt556
Jun 30, 2005
  1. I just bought a 9800PRO and replaced it with my 9600SE and the temperature in my comp seems to rise dramatically. It used to sit at around 53'c and now its soaring around 64'c. All fans work. Now what happens is when im playing Doom3 for about 10-20 mins it flips oout and an VPU error comes up. I just want to know if that is from the PRO heating up too much.. I now tried playing with the case off and the temperature lingers back at 53'celsius which is good and soo far it hasnt crapped out on me. so far atleast. At the moment the only fans I have is my stock xp2600, my gfx fan and my power supply fan. Seeing as all this heat has suddenly been causing me troubles maybe it would be a good time to get another fan in my comp.
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