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Jul 19, 2013
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  1. Hi I'm sorry about having to make a new thread, but I could not fix it on my own. I've tried the first thread and did as many of the steps I could; I updated my Bios, checked every device in device manager to see if any needed a update, used memtest86 to check my ram stick's(passed with no mistakes),Checked my computer's temps'(none went over 40C), I tried to use Event Finder but the critical event It shows is a USB CF Reader which Deice Manager says is working fine and up to date. So now I'm going to try if anyone can help me.

    Computer Specs
    Name: THomas-PC
    Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002)
    Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.6GHz(2 CPUs)< ~2.6GHz
    Memory: 4086MB RAM
    Chip Type: Intel(R) GMA 3100
    DAC Type: Internal

    The problem with the crashing started when I moved to a new house, well even before that it would BSOD from time to time but after we moved is when it started to really mess up. First it would stop when I was watching a video, or playing a game. So I tried leaving it off for a few days to give it a rest but it got worse after the rest. Now it was in a start up loop never getting past the windows loading bar it would just restart itself again and again but after I started it up in repair mode I got past that problem and after I updated my BIOs the Windows load screen that would take over 5 mins to load goes normal speed again (like 20 sec). So now I can watch videos and play games again the only problem it seems is that it still crashes when I try to play a MMO named Mabinogi I have not tried any other MMOs and my graphics card is to old to try any Pc games. I would also like to add it seems to crash most when a moive sceen is playing in game Ive tried testing this by bringing up Mabinogi and leaving it up and it restarted four times from video playing once from just leaving it up
    so I anyone can help me with this problem I would be very grateful and just tell me if I left out anything inportant.
  2. lmike6453

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    Turn on the computer from an off state and keep pressing F8 to bring up advanced booting options
    Select "Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure"

    This will leave the machine at the BSOD when it freezes so you can see the details/BSOD code.

    Which BSOD is it?
  3. Mitchell Thomas

    Mitchell Thomas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I well try this right now and post the info but I have done this a few time even turned it off from start up and recovery, but still does a instant reboot instead
  4. Mitchell Thomas

    Mitchell Thomas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So its not doing a BSOD no matter how many times it crashes and before I updated my Bios it would BSOD when I tried to start it in safe mode but that's not happening anymore is their a certain way to make it blue screen? I had wrote it down a while ago I don't know if what I wrote down would help but I'm looking for it
  5. Mitchell Thomas

    Mitchell Thomas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok so I found the paper with the what I wrote down and it was a Ntfs.sys error I hope that helps. I still cant seem to make it blue scene anymore. I also have been having more crashes like when I'm browsing the web(Firefox), or when I was scrolling down the Registry editor,
    and loading videos. Their seems to be a problem with my Explore.exe too it freezes a lot and crashes when I try to use Control panel options.
    I'm just trying to provide as much info as I can, Also I'm starting to reinstall all the programs that might have been uninstalled the wrong way.

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