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Computer restarts or gets bsod while playing games

By Doom27
Nov 3, 2005
  1. Well for some reason when i play games for about 5-10 mins i will get a restart, but using my awsum 1337 brain i knew to turn off the automatic shutdown so i would get a bsod.... yeah i get sum bsod but i forget what it is because...

    ok i got this brand new system i built and decided hey i'ma get x64!! well x64 is horrible, but games still ran fine. after about 3 months or so i started getting the bsods, they would only start in games after playing for around 30 mins. Then it got worse and worse, eventually i could play games for like 2 mins and i couldn't even watch videos. i thought it was just x64 so i used linux and linux was fine... wanting to use windows stuff without having to do dificult stuff i get normal xp sp2. I install and get bsoded while installing. after about 3 tries i get it on. No shutdowns, well for about a month and now its started back up again... i hear it might be mobo problems but i want to know if anyone has any other ideas.

    I tried removing memory but the computer won't boot without all 4 sticks in, it gets to the memory test at my startup and just freezes, i ran test on them though and they all pass.
    Also my northbridge gets hot.. its not the cpu and not the videocared...

    heres my system
    amd 64 3800+ 2.4 Ghz
    1 gig of ram (256 x4)
    SOLTEK SL-K8TPro-939
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    I think you are already on to it.
    If the northbridge is getting hot and you are getting
    BSOD video designated errors, then you can bet it's the
    Before looking to RMA I would pop that heatsink of the north bridge
    chip and get a fan/heatsink for it. See if this stops or slows down the BSOD's

    In the Mainboard forums you can zip down 5 or 6 mini dumps and
    attatch them to a post. The guys will diagnos them amd tell you what the BSOD cause is.

  3. sneat

    sneat TS Rookie

    Someone knows how u feel.

    Thing is I have the same problem and it's driving me nuts, okay maybe I dont know what a northbridge is, but I've been experimenting alot with my comp lately to find out what the problem is (too bad I cant say that I've found a solution).

    I noticed it only happens when I use a graphics card in the PCI slot, If i use the onboard graphics card I could play a game all day and nothing would happen. So that kinda narrows down the problem to there somewhere.

    I thought it was the actual graphics card so I went about and bought a new 8600GT only to find the same problem again (wehee).

    My theory so far (and correct me if I'm wrong) is the graphics card over-heats when playing a game for 30 mins or so then crashes. I guess it does kinda sound abit reasonable because I only have 2 fans in my case.
    But then again I read something about my graphics card having some kind of advanced cooling system, weird.

    And heres the error report:


    Shut down unexpectedly

    13/08/2007 10:59 AM

    More information available

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 3081

    Files that help describe the problem (some files may no longer be available)

    Extra information about the problem
    BCCode: 124
    BCP1: 00000000
    BCP2: 85575028
    BCP3: B2000000
    BCP4: 00070F0F
    OS Version: 6_0_6000
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Product: 256_1
    Server information: 1c848909-ef97-4782-8733-7f7905f981bf

    So yeah that's what I think it is, the only other thing I can come up with would have to be something wrong with the motherboard (please not be that). Any helps or insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Just so you guys know I have an AMDx64 athlon, 2 gigs of ram and an 8600 GT graphics card and I'm on windows vista. (same problem occured on xp sp2)
  4. Warblo

    Warblo TS Rookie


    i also get this same problem. but i have a stacker case with a 120m fan at the back, 120m for my hard drives and an 80m above the case. i dont think its the over heating.

    my spec is:

    AMD Athlon 64 4600+ @2.64ghz (with a coolermaster heatsink + fan)
    MSI K8N SLI Platinum Motherboard
    Corsair XMS DDR 400 Ram
    C: Drive Western Digital 160GB Drive.
    MSI 8800GTX OC Edition

    previously i had a 7800GTX 256 GDDR3. i had the problem. errors coming up with install latest graphics drivers. did that, same prob. bought a 8800GTX. reinstalled Vista 64 Ultimate.....same bleeding problem.
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