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computer shuts down randomly! help!

By amazon_sephy
Mar 28, 2005
  1. Hey guys,

    It seems that my computer randomly shuts down. It ranges from litterally 2 seconds after turning it on, to maybe 15mins. All the fans are working, so i dont think its a heat issue. I just installed a new powersupply this year, so i doubt its power related either... Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks. update. now, it seems that if it does start to boot, i might get a blue screen concerning some paging thing.. My computer never did this before installed sp2. Should i install this, and is is safe to uninstall, it said some stuff might not work. I was a little worried aobut it, so i didnt do it. You guys think its safe?


    Nm, i uninstalled sp2 cause i was tired of the blue screens. As i was looking over the mobo for bad capacitors i noticed that the main power cable going into the mobo was getting loose. No idea how that happened, when i know they are supposed to snap in, weird. Anyways, all problems are fixed, so im happy.
  2. isatippy

    isatippy TS Rookie Posts: 497

    Give us some computer specs
  3. Tribal-Phoenix

    Tribal-Phoenix TS Rookie Posts: 92


    im so tired of there problems with computer rebooting/crashing , btw it restarts coz it is cofigured too if u change the option to show u the blue screen with a "detailed" error it will show the error , i have recently had thousands of those craches , first when i installed some software so it was the driver problem , and today i bought 512 mb corsair ddr 400 pc 2300u memory stick which is my second one coz i already have have nanyl 256 mb , so when i insert boith sticks and start pc it shows me bios msg that there might be a problem but no detailes and nothing bout memroy so then when it starts it jsut suddenly reboots, so its crap seems that those 2 stick are not compatible , so man its probably your power block or thing maybe u have instaleld any programs which may have caused this piece of crap
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