Computer was quick, keeps getting slower

By jecht
Feb 5, 2006
  1. I just built my first computer.. I have window xp sp2 on it.. When I first powered on and about the first week it was very fast.. Click on an icon and the windows popped open instantly. Now it is slow.. I have formatted my hard drive twice now and it does not help.. I run those tweaking programs and it gets worse..

    I have a Mercury P4M800 MOBO.. 1GB of pc320 ddr mem.. 160 maxtor hd, p4 3.06 ghz.. and a little geforce fx 5200 video card..

    Please someone help.. No matter what I do I can not get the perfomance back.
    I did only have 1 stick of memory when I first put it together.. It was 512mb Viking.. After I added the second stick( 512mb Ultra.. Same as other stick but different maker) some of the settings in my BIOS changed.. DRAM Timing is now auto by spd.. It was manual..
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