Computer Wont boot right

By jarrodgibler
Dec 26, 2004
  1. Hello, I recently have upgaded my computer. all around...and lately I have experienced some wierd occurances with it. For awhile my computer used to restart a lot, and other times the video would freeze on it. Last night it frozed while playing Everquest 2, and I had to do a complete surge protector shut down because the power button wouldn't even work. When I booted it back up, it would not show a picture...BUT..i have taken the video card out and it works perfect in other computers...So its NOT the video card. Everything seems to be running, and I have been wondering if its the PSU. Here are my Specs

    AMD64 3000+
    Jetway S77MAX Motherboard
    512 DDR 2700 ram
    Radeon 9800 Pro 128 mb
    300 W power supply

    the 300 w supply makes me wonder if it is a power problem? but why all of a sudden would it not work now when before it did?...tell me your suggestions please, it would be most appreciated. thanks
  2. bluetracker

    bluetracker TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Using XP?...anything in the system logs about the shut downs?
    Disabled all non-essentials whilst gaming? AV& firewall etc (if offline)
    Failing that...I would guess at a system memory prob here....
    512 DDR RAM in one stick or two x 256?
    If the former try another known to be good stick. If the latter remove a stick/swap 'em about until you find the dead/dying one.

    Edit=typo :knock:
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