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Computer won't start, only lights flash

By Stickwall
Jan 20, 2010
  1. Hello people, I looked around and could not find a problem exactly like mine.

    So, yesterday my computer turned off in the middle of playing a game, just completely went dead. And then it would not turn back on, nothing would happen when I pressed the front button. So I flicked the switch on the power supply, and waited a bit, turned the power supply back on and pressed the button on front again. The front light flashed, and the fans inside try to spin, but then nothing else happens.

    I opened my case, and my video card is extremely hot, like the fan was not working. My mobo light is on, but otherwise there are no signs of life inside.
    I have let it cool down and tried again today, and it does the same as before, light flashes and fans attempt to spin, then nothing. And it only does it when I turn the power supply switch and leave it off for a bit, if I try to turn it on again it does nothing at all.

    Here are my specs -
    Windows XP SP2
    AMD Athlon 2.7GHz Dual Core Processor
    GeForce 9800 GT 512MB
    4GB Ram
    Thermaltake Purepower 500W power supply

    If you need anything else just tell me.

    Thanks for any help
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