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Jan 10, 2008
  1. Hi I have a Gateway Laptop running on Vista 32 bit and yesterday it just shut off while I was using it. When I turned it back on it only got to the Gateway please wait screen and stayed there. So I put in the operating disc and did the start up repair and well its been doing that for hours and I dont know if its actually doing anything. im not sure what I have to do, I recently backed up all my files so If i need to I can reformat it all but i dont even know how to do that.
  2. kimsland

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    I'd say stop it

    Let the computer cool down (30 mins or more)

    Start the Vista setup again
    This time remove old partitions
    And do a clean install (This part is your choice - but is preferred option)
  3. kblack11

    kblack11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    How do you remove old partitions and do a clean install? I dont even know what that is...

    Thanks for helping me
  4. kimsland

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  5. DustynJanzen

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    From my experiences,
    Re formatting your computer
    (with disks that should have came with it)
    take a LONG time!

    It's happened before during this process where it just sits there...
    the bars moving....but it's taking forever...
    and I ask myself
    "OMG is this thing doing ANYTHING AT ALL!?!?!"

    Leave the house for a while, OR the room LOL
    Don't sit there and stare since that's ridiculously frustrating.

    Now if you come back...
    and it's still doing the same thing (I'm talking a few hours)

    Then restart.

    It's happened where I've been reformatting...
    and everything was going smoothe...
    and then it just sits there FOREVER on the one screen.

    I've restarted and it works out..
    and continues from where it left off.

    Hope this helps
  6. kblack11

    kblack11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK I tried clicking install and as soon as I start that it just sits there it doesnt go any farther. I cant even get my computer fully started up not even in safe mode. This is what i did, i put the cd that came with the computer for vista before it really starts up and then it comes up if u want to play cd or dvd press any key well i did and the install screen came up like what language and so i click next and then some blue screen comes up and sat there for multiple hours. I didnt have a window that popped up advanced install jsut what language.
  7. kimsland

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    Is this an original Vista Disc ?
    Is the disk dirty/scratched ?

    This actually sounds like a faulty harddrive though
    It may have bad spots or even connection

    Other possibilities is memory (Ram) faulty
    Info on creating a bootable memory tester - Memtest

    It could be faulty CPU
    Some processors can do strange things if they have been used hard in the past. Not much to do here, except maybe refit (a bit involved to do)

    It could be PowerSupply
    Even a seemingly working power supply, can cause issues if it's faulty.
    Firstly reconnect all internal connections (hardware experience required)
    Then blow out all internal dust PSU and M/board

    Try Memtest, and possible a hard drive test, this HDD diagnostic tool can be downloaded from the Hard Drive manufacture's website.
  8. Wheezcellbert

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    I had the same problem with my laptop before. Unfortunately it turned out to be hardware issues and not Vista. If you have a service plan with a local computer retailer that fixes your computer Id say bring it in there and they will look at it. If you changed the RAM on your computer it might be compatibility issues so go back to the original that came with the computer. Otherwise try and find someone computer savvy to help you out.
  9. AlbertLionheart

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    Kimsland has a point (covered just about everything anyway) but I think your hard drive has died. If this system is new, don't mess about; take it back to the shop.
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