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Confused - error code 0x0000007E

By lostboyzstang
May 19, 2008
  1. blue screen error code 0x0000007E other error codes in ( )

    My buddy has a compaq (my opinion thats his first mistake), but he went to put xp home edition with service pack 2 in computer. Well he had 98 in it and when he put the xp disc in he got the 0x0000007E (0x0000001D 0x8084006E 0xFE3FBF08 0xFE3FBC04) error messege. then when it reboots, it goes to the windows xp logo screen with a loading bar at bottom, then goes back to the blue error page above. I am trying to remember off of memory, it said something about the video card, and when i checked to c if i could pull up the command prompt, it told me that there was no large storage device in it. Does that mean that it can not find the hard drive on it or something else. I have re-done my computer a couple times and have had no problems with it. I have never seen this error code and when i look online for an explanation on what it means and or how and what to do i can not find anything. Then i found techspot. I dont really know what all those error codes mean, i will keep searching for answers, anyone have any ideas? I cant get to the command promp to format hdd to start completely over, i cant get to the command prompt period. Trying to repair what was messed up before i was asked to look at it.
  2. gtppopzz

    gtppopzz TS Rookie Posts: 37

    Usually this error is related to an issue with system memory or a specific hardware device. I have had this error before and simply removed one set of ram and the issue went away. If the error pointed to a specific driver or hardware device such as a the video card i suggest you with swap video cards or disable the video card during windows setup. If you are to the point in the windows setup where you can hit ctrl. alt. delete and run a new task you should be able to run device manager and disable the video card hopefully before you get the blue screen.

    Also if it really did say something about no large storage device maybe it isnt picking up your hard drive. What type of system is it I am guessing if it had win 98 on it that it is most likely an IDE hard drive and not SATA or RAID configured? Typically an IDE drive should be picked up as long as it shows in bios. Please provide as much more information on the problem as possible.
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