Confused need help on this one.

By EvilFallenAngel
Apr 23, 2006
  1. New Rig:
    Retail AMD 64 3700, thermal pad got messed up, cleaned with 91% alcohol and used artic silver.
    1x MSI 7800 GT may get another later for SLI
    1x WD 36GB Raptor may get another later.
    1GB (2x 512) PC3200 Corsair Value Ram
    Antec 550 True Power
    Windows Home OEM
    3.5 floppy
    Sony 52x CD
    Sony DVD/CD RW
    Antec Lanboy Tower

    Here it goes, I have everything in bios setup as fail safe right now because I dont know whats causing my games to freeze or crash while gaming.

    UT2004 will crash, or will receive errors where my weapon will disappear or will get stuck in spectator mode after dying, I reinstalled game multiple times, but works fine on other rig. In the past also when dling stuff it would dl faster, dling seems to have dropped dramaticly too. Restarted PC and router but no change.

    WOW crashes or freezes at least once every 2-4 hrs.

    I initially had XP Pro 64bit installed and had issues, where my pc would restart, games would crash/freeze. So decided to get OEM XP home 32bit to make sure it wasnt OS.

    I was thinking of taking it to a pc shop to get everything tested, this rig just got built about 2-4months ago.

    I have all software updates for video card, but board is still at 1.4 with no bios updates.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    I am considering unplugging everything again and starting form scratch.
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