Connecting DVI video card to HDMI monitor

By magemofo
Aug 29, 2009
  1. I just got a computer today with a 9800GT video card in it(thanks to rage and red for providing the advice on this). The card has two DVI ports and my monitor has a VGA and HDMI port. The card also came with two adapters, a DVI to VGA adapter(which I am currently using because I have a vga cable), and a DVI to HDMI adapter.

    What I want to know is whether I should keep the adapter and buy an HDMI to HDMI cable to connect my monitor and GPU, or just remove the adapter from the equation completely and go for a DVI to HDMI cable without the adapter. Is one better than the other at providing a quality picture? Or is the difference too negligible to matter?

    Either way I have to buy a cable so I was wondering which option was best. Thanks!

    Edit: The monitor is an hp w2207h 1680 x 1050 native res if that matters.
  2. SNGX1275

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    I would get a dvi->hdmi cable from

    What is wrong with the DVI to HDMI adapter that you said came with it?

    There should be no quality change if you keep the digital interface, no matter whether its done with an adapter or cable. There is a fairly significant quality drop though going to the analog VGA.
  3. magemofo

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    There's nothing wrong with it. It's that it's just an adapter and not the actual cable. I wanted to know if there was a difference between the single DVI to HDMI cable or the adapter + HDMI to HDMI cable. I guess I'll go ahead and get the dvi to hdmi then because it's simpler than having both an adapter and a cable.

    Thanks! :)
  4. LNCPapa

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    There is no difference in the quality as SN said - but I would get the HDMI to DVI cable because in my experience those adapters have added another level of flimsiness I'd rather not have on my inputs/outputs. I'm talking physical flimsiness here, not anything to do with signal quality.
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