Constant static issues with PC

After having looked online, I can't find exactly what I'm dealing with. For years now, various desktop computers at my house have been having issues with static discharge whenever I come back to my workstation. It primarily effects the mouse which will lose it's USB connectivity (can't move the pointer but can still click/right click) and have to disconnect it and plug back in. I can hear the static discharge happen. I have grounded the house. I have used under the desk mats and put the tower on top of a wooden base but the issue persists. Tried various different mouse options too.

Is there any sort of anti-static mouse or pad that would help?

Windows 10, Alienware Aurora.

Cycloid Torus

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"I can hear the static discharge happen."
I had similar - I was told it was a 'floating ground'. This was a wiring problem in the house.
"I have grounded the house."
How have you done that? What is V at mains?


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The problem with static electricity is that it has nothing to do with regular conductive things like copper or iron. Static electricity happens with typically non conductive things, like wool, copper, pvc, other plastics etc etc rub together. like walking on carpet with socks on.

The reason you hear the spark and feel is it because your ground is working as intended and the charge goes to the ground on your computer/laptop etc. I hate this and several times had my mouse "knocked out" by it and had to unplug and reconnect it to work again.

The only easy fix is to touch the metal screws on a light switch or anything metal thats grounded to get the charge out before touching anything on the computer.


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As stated already, it's not the mouse, it's not your computer, it's you. Discharge anywhere by touching a piece of metal, or the metal screws on the light switch as said already by @lipe123

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You could get anti-static footwear. It's not very cheap, unfortunately, unless prices have come down.


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You could get anti-static footwear. It's not very cheap, unfortunately, unless prices have come down.

Actually he wants ESD footwear. The difference between ESD protection and just anti static is that anti-static only provides resistance but does not allow for discharge. It's the same difference between the cheap anti-static bags you will find on eBay and the higher end ones. The more expensive ones having a conductive coating or mesh on the outside so that is absorbs any static before you touch sensitive components.

The easiest thing you can fix, your clothes. Do not wear shoes in the house, the rubber soles will prevent static from escaping. If you have Polyester socks those will also be a problems as plastic is not a conductor, cotton is much better. Static can only exit through your fingers if you insulate your feet with plastic so not good.

Humidity does play a big role, if you can increase the room humidity if you live in a dry area.

Also you said you have an Anti-Static mat? That is only useful if you are working on computer parts. You do not want to put it somewhere long term as that will only encourage the buildup of static. There are some mats that are specifically ESD certified and that's what you should be looking for.


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You could just stop wearing them Skechers... or other memory foam trainers. Stop it! Stop it now!