Hello to you.
I am a man sitting in Sweden and I can not understand why it should be so diificult to get in touch and ask a question.
I live in Sweden and I have a computer model 7265NGW.Now my keyboard started to slow down until som keys-buttons do not work. No to my important question where can I buy a new keyboard and what will It cost. In Sweden I can not find this keyboard so please help med out.
Lock forward for a answer soon.
Sten Grönberg
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I doubt the keyboard is the reason for the slow down but we would need a lot more information to be able to help you. When I Google> 7265NGW here in Canada I see network cards that match that part#. If your keyboard is a USB keyboard those are easy to replace and are sold everywhere I look Sten. I am not familiar with Sweden at all, so I might not be much help here.
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Thank for your lines Kshipper.
Here comes more informetion regard my keyboard.

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Ahh it is a laptop. I usually have to get parts like that from Aliexpress (China)

You could also try Ebay or Amazon

I don't know for sure but your keyboard looks like it is riveted into the top cover of the laptop. If you purchase the keyboard only this will be a hard swap over because of the rivets. Take a look at this video:

If you manage to find the whole top cover with the keyboard the part price will be higher but the swap over labour will be less.

One other idea is to use a plug in USB-based keyboard instead. That ruins the portability of the laptop but it is less expensive.
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