Control arm bend?help

By drift28
Mar 5, 2008
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  1. My car is 98 Acura CL. I had my car towed a couple weeks ago when my engine blew and I remember the tow truck driver using the metal hooks on his tow truck to pull my car up. He hooked it up behind the wheel somewhere and I'm assuming it must be the Acura CL control arms..

    The problems Im having right now is that my car pulls to the right when I brake and also does a quick "twitch" when I brake.When I am stopped and let go of the brake, the wheels twitch also. This can be felt in the steering wheel and be seen on the outside via the wheel moving. The wheel "twitches" to the right and then goes back straight. This is only momentarily and happens the very moment I let go of the brakes AND when I initially apply the brakes while driving.

    My question is: Is it a bent front control arm or maybe a ball joint problem???

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