Control Panel>UserAccounts/System Restore

By ProblemChild777
Jun 5, 2005
  1. ok i got rid of about 5 worms using a-v-g antivirus cause i scanned like 42,000 files earlier and got rid of alot of stuff mostly the worms and 1 trojan
    but they had made it slow and i dun know what to do and i also can't login more than 1 account it just goes to the same screen over and over again
    the other problem is when i click system restore it does nothing but when i went to


    and i scanned the .exe for system restore it said scanned 2 files
    isn't the .exe 1 file i wonder if someone had binded it while they trojaned me
    or had a trojan that could do that
    how do u make system restore work when it loads but does nothing
    i went to safe mode with it and it said system restore is not protected.Please Restart your computer and try again.
    Lookin up more stuff now
    Plz Answer

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