Converting mpg2 file to wav files

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Nov 27, 2006
  1. Excuse me if i'm asking the impossable, but I recently recorded on my hard drive a radio program from my digital Freeview tv card, and the resultant file was a mpeg2 file. Is it possable to convert this file into a wav. or an m3 file. I have Nero 7 if that is any good
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    dBpowerAMP is a good free program, though some advanced features, I think, need a bought version. For what you need, though, this version should work fine.
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    If by "mpeg2" you mean files with the extension mp2, then you shouldn't need to convert it to an mp3 since most applications that handle mp3 also handle mp2 as well. If on the other hand you want to play this on a cell-phone or an mp3-player I can see your problem, though on some players it is possible to play the mp2 by renaming it to mp3.
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    what about files that have the extension sat?
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    drawl31, I have no idea about that, in any case this isn't your thread. If you want information on files with the extension ".sat" you really should start a new thread, where you ask this question.
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  7. drawls31

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    o.k. sorry
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