converting PPT to DVD files

By bradthegreat
Apr 5, 2006
  1. Hey all, I hae been looking for six months now for a program that will convert my powerpoint presentations into video or DVD files, for free. Is there anything that I can get, or do I have to go with a paid alternative. I have a screen recorder, but it is kindof slow and doesn't capture audio very well. Thanks
  2. Speedle

    Speedle TS Rookie

    Well I convert my PPT files with "presentation to video converter" at geovid. There are a lot of useful abilities in it. But I'm to lazy repeat it. :)

    Just look here if you interesting ;)

    All I can to say that it's really easy and helpful thing. And if you have any questions ask tech support in forum.

    Also this prog costs (if I'm not wrong 199 USD) but if you wanna quality it's have to pay isn't it?
  3. Speedle

    Speedle TS Rookie

    I'm sorry. It's old thread. I didn't see...:(
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