Cooling problem with Apevia Explorer case

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Apr 21, 2009
  1. I've bought an Apevia Explorer case recently and liked the way it looked.
    It's pretty nice, for a steel case with a side window to look in. In the front you have placements for two fans here that isn't included(there's a flaw here; i'll tell it later), on the side windowed panel there's an airduct, on the top there's an 80mmfan (exhaust) and on the rear you can choose between 80mm or 120mm (which i prefer) fan. I'm using this case with my new and first(Cause i bought it for the first time for myself) mobo Asus M3A79-T.
    I started things off pretty good, that is until it hit me that the temps on my cpu started to reach 60 degrees celcius. I just like things cooler then 50 degr celc. I already placed a 120mm in the rear from ThermalTake Thunderblade in the rear. In the front i placed apevia's stock 80mm fan that sat in the rear, so it can help cool the HDD. But there's a bit off a problem here as that 80mm has a problem pulling air through the case's steel grill and on top of that it has to pull air from the front bottom of the case and even the bottom of the case already touches the ground(no clearance). Oh and it even looks as if it works like a vacuum cleaner cause it collects a lot of dust.
    I want to place a second fan from TT Thunderblade 80mm in the front. I won't be able to post pictures yet. After a day or two maybe. But i need some advise on what to do in the front please!!
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    Which direction did you place the fans? Are all going into the PC? Is the top one blowing out? Is your power supply a single or a dual fan model?

    I think I found your case on Newegg:

    What I would likely start with, depending on the location of the case, is on the back 120mm pulling air in and only the 80 mm on top blowing air out. My PSUs are usually dual fan. If my case is in an area where it is close to a wall then I don't want the exhaust air being brought back into the case so I would have the 120mm on back blowing out and the 80 mm on top blowing out as well.

    If it doesn't get as cool as you'd like I recommend you look at a different/better fan/heatsink for you CPU. I also saw once someone used some semi-thick plastic to create isolation pockets for the components. He realized that the heat from the video card should be isolated and ducted out without touching the CPU because it will heat the video card. I haven't found the link but it looked cool and and it was effective. I'll try to find it again later.

    Good luck,

  3. Tekkaraiden

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    Unfortunately having a fan at the front and back will cause you a bit of a vacuum problem. You're only solution would be to put filters on the front fans.

    Other than that AdriMagnon advice about a better cpu cooler is sound advice.
  4. Mikymjr

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    I am thinking about buying a new asus triton cooler after 2 months.
    By the way AdriMagnon the fan on the top and in the front are blowing inwards.
    The standard CPU HSF is now using the airduct on the side to draw cool air in.
    A friend off mine took the 120mm fan on the back out( oh and it was exhausting the air out off the case). He Closed the back of the vents where the 120mm fan would sit off with stickers so it will help cool better(So he says). So the coolermaster 650watts PSU would be suking all the hot air out from my cpu, videocard(is this good?). My cpu temp is now running 44 dgr celc (leaving the overclocking aside by the way). Oh yeah Tekkaraiden I'm looking into buying two additional 80mm filters for the front, also i will see if i can do some modding on the front(maybe getting the two factory drilled grill holes out by making two holes of 78mm). Here are some foto's
  5. Mikymjr

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    And no Adrimagnon i'm not on newweg. Seems the same doesn't it?;-) But take a look at the pictures i attached here
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