Copy MBR and OS from two different HDs to a new one

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Apr 27, 2006
  1. Hi gurus,

    Because of a variety of reasons, I have ended up with the following configuration:

    *Disk A contain MBR with menu for booting into Win2K and WinXp. It also contains Win2K installation
    *Disk B contains WinXp installation

    I just came to know about this when I recently tried to upgrade disk B containing WinXp to a bigger one. When I removed disk A and tried to boot WinXP, it wouldn't boot. If I remove disk B and leave disk A in, it boots and I'm able to get into WIn2k (ofcourse not to XP cos thats on the other disk).

    My question is:

    Is there a way to copy the MBR on disk A and the XP OS on disk B into the new disk C such that I can boot disk C independently on its own and get into XP ? If this is not possible, what are the option s I have beside reinstalling WinXp all over again on disk C?

    Thanks and lot in advance to anyone who tries to help out,
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    If you try to copy A-MBR to to B-XP, to put B as master/bootdisk in another PC, forget it.

    Within the same PC, there's no need for it.
    Just image/clone the B-drive (XP) onto the new C-drive, and put C in B's place.
    You could then format the old B and use it for something else.
  3. Hom Tanks

    Hom Tanks TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your reply.

    I want to put the drive in the same PC but really want C to be the boot drive as
    both A, B are slower drives compared to C. So how would I copy A MBR onto C ? I have Norton Ghost on my XP - if I try to make a copy of B onto C, would that copy the relevant MBR entry from A onto C ?

  4. Nodsu

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    Even if you managed to copy the MBR.. The Windows installation thinks it is on D: (or whatever) since C: is the Win2k installation. Now, if you boot that Windows from C: (because that's what the boot partition will show up as), all hell will break loose. You are better off reinstalling Windows or doing as RBS said.
  5. kathe

    kathe TS Rookie

    There is a free disk copy tool - EASEUS Disk Copy 1.0. High-speed sector by sector disk copy software for hard disk.
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