Copying photos to a cd in a specific order

By koorbloh
Jan 1, 2008
  1. In Window XP, Media Edition, when I copy a sequence of photos onto a cd from my hard disc, the photos get re-ordered alphabetically. I wish to retain the initial order into which I have put them when I copy them onto the cd, since I want to use the cd as a source for a projected slide show where the sequence of the images is neither alphabetical, nor by date, nor by file size, but rather is dictated by the story being told by them. Last year, a similar inquiry on this forum was never fully answered, except with the suggestion to use Nero 6 as an ordering mechanism. But this is extremely unwieldy, since I need to order about 140 images, and Nero makes this very difficult.
    Is there some simple way to achieve my goal? Surely many people must want to do this. (Picasa permits one to make a "gift cd" that retains order, but I don't like the grey mask that surrounds the images using this method.)

    Thanks much.

  2. kimsland

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    Before burning onto CD you may want to rename them on the harddrive first
  3. koorbloh

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    Thanks, kimsland. I know I could rename all 140 files in such a way to ensure that they be copied in the order I want. But this seems inelegant, and makes me wonder how all the people who want to copy photos in a specific order manage to pull off that feat. This should not be this difficult!

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