Core 2 Duo compared to Pentium 4?

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Feb 10, 2007
  1. I recently ordered a laptop with a Core 2 Duo Processor T7600 (2.33 GHz, 4 MB L2 cache, 667 MHz FSB) and was wondering how this compared to my old Pentium 4 2.66ghz?

    In other words, what would the Pentium 4 ghz have to be to match it to the Core 2?

  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    There is no comparison because the Core 2 Duo is dual-core and the Pentium 4 is single core i.e. the Core 2 Duo is essentially two processors put together on one die whereas the Pentium 4 is only one processor. Also, the Core 2 Duo has 2MB of L2 cache (which affects performance) for each CPU while the Pentium 4 has only a max of 1MB. The Core 2 Duo line blows away any Pentium 4 (and then some!) and is currently the fastest desktop chip lineup on the planet.
  3. volume3k

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    Nice1 the dual core is new to me I got worried when I saw the 2.66 vs 2.33
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Yeah nowadays clock speeds don't have much to do with performance. It's the CPU architecture than matters now.
  5. KingCody

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    CPU architecture has always been (and always will be) more important than a CPU's internal clock speed. This is because the clock speed is only one of many factors that determines the CPU's "performance". in the pentium-4 days, Intel's marketing team did a great job of convincing the general un-computer-savvy public that clock speed was all that mattered.

    clock speeds do indeed impact performance and can be used to compare same-model processors, but cannot be used to compare different model processors. for example, if you compare a Pentium-4 2.2GHz with a Pentium-4 2.6GHz where the winner would be the 2.6GHz model. however if you compared a Pentium-4 2.6GHz with and Athlon64 3200+ (2.0GHz), the A643200+ will outperform the P4 even though it is clocked 600MHz less.

    in the same way that the Athlon64 outperforms Pentium4's even when clocked much slower, the Core2Duo's outperform everything else currently available. so rest assured, that 2.3GHz T7600 will run circles around your 2.6GHz P4, and as rage mentioned it will run circles around any P4 regardless of clock speeds :D

    cheers :wave:
  6. kitty500cat

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    Yeah. There's no comparison.
  7. MetalX

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    Only one thing to add... according to those Japanese dudes who overclocked a P4 670 to 7GHz, it would take about a 7GHz P4 to match a Core 2 E6300 in superpi anyway.
  8. Michel Merlin

    Michel Merlin TS Member

    Comparing DIFFERENT objects is useful

    yet you immediately start comparing them - and as everyone you are right to do so.

    Versailles, Sat 10 Feb 2007 22:45:15 +0100
  9. Michel Merlin

    Michel Merlin TS Member

    Freq, bandwidth, architecture, are all important (and always have been)

    Intel just convinced the un-human-savvy public (mostly the Fast Posters that you can see on all forums - the ones posting faster than they can think) that the others would be so stupid.

    So goes the world: the more you think, the lesss you have time to speak, and the more you understand that others think as well, even and above all when you don't hear anything from them (everyone has just 24h in each day). The one who OTOH never thinks, will be heard all over the forums... so, the more he posts, the less he knows, and the more he thinks others would know still less than himself. Forums, making so easy to post, just increased (and worsened) what already existed: some learn, think, work, produce; some talk, disparage, shine - and produce little.

    Now while firmly opposed to this phrase of yours, I do think it doesn't refllect the main of your post, with which I would agree: frequency, bandwidth, architecture, have always been, and still are, all important factors; most people know it perfectly; just a few (but the most vocal and present on forums and medias) are superficial and simplistic enough to put all the importance, on Freq for a couple years, on Architecture for another - while waiting for their next single and simplistic focus.

    Versailles, Sat 10 Feb 2007 22:50:35 +0100
  10. Mirob

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    Core 2 is about 40% faster per clock over Netburst (Pentium D or Pentium 4 from Intel's own words) and 25% faster per clock over K8 in most benchmarks.
  11. agi_shi

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    Actually, I believe the 7.6GHz P4 got sub-20 seconds. More like a Core2 X6800.

    RUDEBWOY TS Rookie Posts: 160

    lol core 2 duo owns p4 i just put in my core 2 duo 2.6 from the 2.13 and jesus christ its fast and i haven't over clocked it yet =x im already thinking of just going with the quad core 2.6 =)
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