Corrupt external hard drive

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Feb 17, 2013
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  1. Hi im new here so I don't know if im posting in the right forum but I bought a 1TB western digtal Elements external hard drive at the start of 2012 and 2 weeks ago I plugged it into my xbox to put some photos on to it and when I was finish with it 2 days later after I used it on my xbox I plugged it into my laptop and find none of my files what was on my extrnal hard drive was there so I tired all alot of programs to try and get my data back but none of them worked all I got was *this external hard is badly corrupt* so im wonding is there any hope for me that I can recover my files as they are important to me as im working towards being a photographer and I always back my videos I got or my photos I took on the External hard drive aswell as my docs and all my music what is like 5,000 or more songs on it so im just wonding what can I do to get my files off in one piece
  2. reha andrew

    reha andrew Banned

    Yeah! dear you can recover your all photos. I want to ask you that did you try any data recovery or photo recovery software till now? if not then you should I am assuring you will get back your all files . If you want I can help you by suggesting some renowned photo recovery software.
  3. peterbilt12

    peterbilt12 TS Member Topic Starter

    I tryed all the recoving software there was including the photo ones
  4. reha andrew

    reha andrew Banned

    Hey! did you try Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery ? Its a very effective software specially for recovering the photographs. If still you have any problem let me know.
  5. peterbilt12

    peterbilt12 TS Member Topic Starter

    Yepp I did try Stellar Phoenix even the full copy of it
  6. reha andrew

    reha andrew Banned

    If the photographs are very important then you should talk to a data recovery specialist company. They will diagnose your hard drive to check whether the hard drive is dead or not. Then only they will be able to tell whether is it possible to recover the photographs from it or not. If still you need any help you can tell me.
  7. peterbilt12

    peterbilt12 TS Member Topic Starter

    Ok thanks
  8. nicolas02

    nicolas02 TS Rookie

    Have your hard drive got damaged? Trying hard to get back your favorite images from the hard drive which recently got deleted from the respective hard disk and searching for the best kind of tool? So here the software is the best one according to its features and you can get it here. It will deliver you the error free recovered images from the damaged hard disk. For any queries regarding the software contact me.
  9. MrBlkfx1

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    Well, if the HDD is still corrupted, I doubt you will be able to recover anything. Fix the HDD then try to recovery your missing files.
  10. Eco_Sport

    Eco_Sport TS Rookie

    Using Kernel for windows data recovery software you can easily recover your lost, deleted or corrupted data from hard drive or other storage device having windows file system.

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