Could your Internet access and emails be taxed? Luckily, it's not a popular political move, at all

Julio Franco

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The Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998 is set to expire on November 1, which means internet access and usage in the US could soon be taxed for the first time. Combined with efforts to standardize a sales tax on...

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Up here in Canada its taxed in the form of GST (goods and services tax) with a base tax across the country at 5%. When you pay your internet bill, it's there. If the your email provider is free, then there is no tax.


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Perhaps the biggest problem is the timing: the ITFA's November 1st deadline is just before the midterm elections on November 4th. Just before election day, no one's going to want to make an unpopular move like supporting internet sales taxes — and internet access taxes, which consumers are less aware of than extra fees tacked on to everyday purchases, might just slip through in the confusion
.I fail to see the significance of the elections with respect to this legislation. It seems to me they could swear up and down they are going to prolong the tax breaks, then, "change their minds", as soon as the election results are counted. Hey, it wouldn't be the first time politicians have broken their campaign promises, now would it?

Besides how much work actually gets done the week before an election, there are hands to be shaken, and babies to be kissed. There's no time to actually do the job you were elected to do., Hell, Obama started campaigning for president not halfway through his first term in congress.

Besides, they could leave the web tax free, and just legalize marijuana, a different set of cronies would benefit, but the overall tax revenue would likely be higher. (Yeah, that pun was intended).


I have no clue what this article rants about. The internet access is already taxed. If you look at your internet bill there are all kinds of fees attached. Sales tax and federal fee this federal fee that. What they want to double tax?