Counterstrike latency went higher

By bucclao
May 29, 2007
  1. Hi I'm playing counterstrike 1.6 (not source) and my ping was good in Atlanta servers before.It was like around 19-25, then suddenly it went to 60-65.And when i search for a game in usa on steam all i see is a latency of 80 and above NO 20s or 30s. What happened?? My internet on web etc. is fast as it ever was, still the same. So I'm guessing its with counterstrike. And please don't tell to type in console rate 25000, cl_updatrate 101, cl_rate 9999 etc.. because I already did. If anybody knows anything I would really appreciate it very much. I just want to play with low latency again with no lag. (I already called my isp so its not them)TY
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