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Jul 11, 2011
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  1. I have decided to buy a Intel Core i7-2600K paired with a Asus P67 Sabertooth Intel P67 with Kingston HyperX Genesis Grey 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3. I want to also add an Akasa AK-CCX-4002HP Venom CPU Cooler. Can anyone please tell me if this choice of cooler with fit/clear the memory modules and southbridge of my mainboard choice and if it will fix into my Antec 900 case?
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    Hi Andy,
    I have not used this one, but several reviewers have said that it will leave the first dimm useless if you are using ram with tall heatsinks.
  3. andy06shake

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    Can anyone sugest another cooler(Air) that will accomadate this type of board and memory i have chosen?
  4. red1776

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  5. dividebyzero

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    The Akasa shouldn't be a problem.
    Screenshot here

    You will need to pare back the rubber mounting grommets, but you can clearly see that the (Crucial Ballistix) RAM sticks are in their preferred 1 and 3 positions and the stick in the No.1 position (DIMM_0) sits in front and below the fan. Your RAM has the same aspect (height) as the Crucial modules.

    I suggested the Archon to our OP in an earlier thread. Unfortunately the Archon is about the tallest heatsink on the market (170mm), and the OP has an Antec 900 (or similar) chassis from memory - so it's a no-go. Unfortunate, as the Archon is about as good as it gets in air cooling.
  6. andy06shake

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    It is unfortunate but £500 is my limit and that budget just dont streach to a new case as well. Also in some reviews the Asus P67 Sabertooth is said to work better with a top mounted air cooler as apposed to a side cooler on the Akasa because of the Thermal armor. Can anyone tell me if this will be an issue. I really want to get the Akasa?
  7. nfiniti9

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    CoolerMater 212+ man. It's almost as good as the top heatsinks and should have no issues with fitting. Don't waste your money on 1-2C that really wont do much for your oc.
  8. red1776

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    No offense nf, but your not even close.If this is the cooler you are speaking ofhttp://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103065&Tpk=coolermaster%20212
    If you do not plan on heavy or moderate OC'ing the 212+ is a thrifty solution, but compared to the top air coolers these days, you're looking at 15c+ difference.

    From the Hardware secrets review:

    this is not even against the top coolers of today.
    From the Xbit review:

    If you shelled out for a i72600k and a sabertooth, I would not stick this (212+) underperforming HSF on it

    This one has become a favorite of a lot of SB owners...as always measure twice...hit the purchase button once :)

  9. nfiniti9

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    Nice quotes. Research is solid. I happen to have used quite a few of those heatsinks. I can tell you that FROM EXPERIENCE that there isnt a 15C difference in those coolers. But if you feel the need to justify those purchases, then heres what I suggest for your next purchase.

    Oh and while the TT cooler does perform well I could NEVER justify recommending a TT product, their QC is horrible. Its better than it used to be but still nowhere near it should be. The soldering is inconsistent etc.

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  10. red1776

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    very classy indeed.
    My god! justify and backup a recommendation with facts and documentation!?? what was I thinking?!
    responses such as your "balls" are what people do when they have no facts.
    BTW, I to have used the 212+ for low end builds...and it is nowhere near the performance of todays top air coolers.
  11. nfiniti9

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    lol sorry, i just get sick of fact spewing people. review sites are generally garbage these days. so much misinformation sold as fact.

    sooo... on a 2600K i see a 5C difference with the same fan on a 212+ and the UE. UE is still top5. it really doesnt even make much OC difference. both run under 65. why do you need to keep it any cooler, the intel cooler doesnt even do below 70 generally. its just when people say things like you cant do moderate oc on a 212 its just not true.

    i was trying to find an article that showed their attempt to oc with retail to high end coolers and the difference. honestly people waste alot of money on coolers. dont get me wrong ive spent plenty on high end coolers. I should add im about to put together my 5th custom water cooling setup, so im not afraid to spend money on things I dont need. Its just not good practice to tell people they "need" things they dont.


    found it
  12. red1776

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    well idle isn't really the concern, The load temp on all the reviews, and my own experience is big.
    as the frosty tech review said, its an okay HSF for a 65-95w CPU the likes of a C2D. He can (and as I said) put that on as an economical choice if he/she wants. I was simply taking issue, (and not in a rude way I might add) your comment about it being "almost as good as the top heatsinks" He /she came in asking for a recommendation and given the high end components he has chosen, and paid for the top end unlocked version CPU, and an OC'ing MB. He should be aware that the 212+ is far from the most efficient air coolers available. The alarm bells will be going off way before he gets close to what the i72600k can do.
    as far as
    goes, its just a fact that cooler is better and extends the life of the CPU.
  13. nfiniti9

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    very true, and i preach that to customers. however ive still got athlon xp's running oc'd from day 1 that havent had any issues. i've oc'd the crap outta almost all my processors from the day i got them and have not lost a single one. reality is that someone buying a 2600k and sabertooth will replace it long before it dies due to being outdated.

    btw it was idle and load on that page, scroll down. either way, wasnt meaning to be rude as much as just a smart ***, doesnt translate on internet ;) you seem to be pretty knowledgeable so just understand this, information isn't fact. you mentioned it as fact because some site had it on a review. these are just samples. do research and you will know so many variables make it hard to put credit in those numbers. they say they accommodate for the room temperature and show delta, but there are so many people who have said why thats bad practice. if you dont have a controlled environment then the results are just for fun at best.
  14. red1776

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    a few quotes from the article that you linked;

    I agree.
    There is the answer to low CPU temps

    I assume this is one you wanted me to read. Remember they were OC'ing a 75w C2 that maybe hit 3.9-4.0 with the best coolers of the day. not a i72600k that runs up to 5.0Ghz
    which is why i said
    Given the caliber and type of components the op is putting together, The 212+ just doesnt fit the bill, but hey, I'm just giving information , not ramming it down his/her throat.

    I will make you a bet though, if he/she does OC the i72600k moderate to heavy, the machine will shut down with a 212+ sitting on top of it.

    **** edit
    oh you mean the 5c thing? I didnt know you were referring to the Anand article. you have to realize however that that article was from 4 years ago, and the 212+ was being compared to HSF of that era. they have come a long way from the monsoon to the likes of the Archon, Sliver Arrow, Ultra extreme, DH-14 etc etc. The more modern reviews I linked have a 12-14c difference and none of those are even on the chart with it.
    About reviews:
    I have the luxury of being able to test/bench a lot of these components myself. I then compare what I see 'hands on' with the review sites and decide which ones I trust....mostly. anyway those are the ones I use for references for OP's. I realize that many are beholden to sponsors , and it shows. Most people don't get to see that first hand though unfortunately.

    no problem, I see those on the trailer hitches of Chevys all the time :)
  15. nfiniti9

    nfiniti9 TS Rookie Posts: 34

    the 2600k hits an internal limit before it hits a thermal limit. once again i bet you cant get more than 100mhz more than outta the 212+. you cant see 100mhz in anything but synthetic benchmarks at 4.5+. even then its small. you are right though, the user does want a high end heatsink. get thermalright, top quality. most of the others have terrible mounting kits. although the thermalright arent fun either.
  16. red1776

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    I know, I just put a Silver arrow on mine and wasn't fond of the mounting system. once its there its all good.
  17. nfiniti9

    nfiniti9 TS Rookie Posts: 34

    not that i like posting this sites numbers but just to show you how different review sites can be.


    ohh forgot to mention one thing. manuf send golden samples to review sites so its hard to judge true quality if the review doesnt specify where they got it from. i played with about 6 TT Big Typhoon VX once, they had a 7C difference from the best to the worst. the difference was mainly the solder, but on some the pipes were squished too much or maybe some pipes werent pressurized anymore, who knows.
  18. red1776

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    I know, That is one site I don't now, and have never understood. had I not put them on the review version of my DNF list long ago, I might not have purchased the Silver arrow. and I am very glad I did. i also picked up a DH-14 and could not get them more then 1.3C apart under any load/voltage settings.
    we have another thread on here about Graphic card power usage. I posted the seemingly most complete list of VGA's and VGA' combinations. It however upon a bit of introspection does not seem to make sense. I think some of these sites (like in this case) get delta temps from different times and setups,ambient, etc and just add to the list as new components come out. not so scientific i think.
    I saw a dreadful review of the Silver arrow over at OC3D whole it was sitting here in the box. I tries to break it as he had with a lot of voltage and a pushed clock, but couldn't. Takes a good while to figure out who's doing what.

    LOL, Scythe Susanoo had some that went out without any solder and some of the fin array fell off during the review I read a while back. The reviewer basically said that other than that, and it weighing 4 pounds...it was a good cooler hehehe
  19. nfiniti9

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    You cant go wrong with Thermalright. I've used them since 04 and have not had one single bad unit. They are all almost perfect and they do actual product testing. Not just copy somebody's design and send it out. TT is the worst for that, although they are trying to change their image. I've just been burned by them.

    Also, have you noticed its harder and harder to find high-end brands outside the main couple. They are all going out of business. Making high-end units for review sites, and making them in mass with a consistent quality is something all together different.

    sorry for all the edits, trying to watch all the new syfy shows tonight and getting distracted lol.

    ohh one last thing, if you need a good hsf try SVC.com, they are awesome, great support and prices are the best.

    im sorry i got my first one in 01, here ya go hahah
    btw no more ball pics, this one is safe

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  20. red1776

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    I have noticed that the Silver Arrow availability has been limited. I dont think it was ever even listed @ Newegg.
    I just pulled up SVC, I have not used them, been using FrozenCpu.com, but the service has been waining over the last year or so.
    okay, one more dumb question...what are 'syfy' shows?

    ****oh is that what they used to call the sci-fi channel?

    LOl I will go back one longer. remember when there was nothing to attach an aftermarket HS to? and you had to invent your own?
  21. nfiniti9

    nfiniti9 TS Rookie Posts: 34

    Syfy channel, eureka, warehouse 13 and alphas.

    If svc stops carrying it or is out of stock, its eiterh EOL or sucks.

    Yeah they changed sci-fi to syfy because people were getting confused with Science channel on the guide lol.
  22. dividebyzero

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    Yeah, but you've got an AMD blast furnace, so it's either the Silver Arrow, NH-D14 or a Genesis. I'd start shopping for some 120x38mm Delta's in readiness for that 186w BD :D

    You'd get away with a 212+ if you went for dual fans, and you didn't want to go past 4GHz- it's still going to be hotter than I'd recommend, but where needs must.
    Assuming our OP was overclocking, then you would have to weight the OC potential at 4.7-4.8GHz since around 80% of 2600K's are capable of hitting the 47 and 48 multiplier and maintaining stability. By default, the heatsink is probably going to need two/three fans and close to 8-10000mm² of surface area to effect that heat dissipation. There seem to be the odd exceptions (Zalman CNPS11X) that buck the trend...but not many.
  23. red1776

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    that number cant' be real.....can it?:haha:
    Thats a CPU-z not having added them yet.....yes...that will do nicely...

    yep, my 1100T 'placeholder is 4.3Ghz @ 1.488, gets the Arrow (3 140mm fans BTW) up to 56c (OCCT) and thats assuming that they got the Thiuban sensor thing worked out.
  24. dividebyzero

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    I hope not.
    You could assume that CPU-Z isn't reporting correctly, and/or the ES's in the wild are running more Vcore to get them to acceptable (retail) core speed -something that has been postulated regarding BD needing a metal layer respin.
    Hopefully the parts release at their intended 95/125w original specification- anything more isn't going to auger well for either long term stability or overclocking headroom.
    Makes me wonder how AMD are going to fare with the server parts, considering validation for enterprise CPU's is in the order of 12-18 months. Maybe Interlagos will use the low-clocked parts not suitable for desktop.
  25. red1776

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