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I plan on getting a new computer soon, and will buy the AMD 2500+ Processor. What I was wondering, is if i plan on overclocking it to 3200+, will the stock cooling be good enough, or should I get a different one. My case is going to have 6 case fans, and it's huge, so it will be well ventilated. I was thinking about this one, http://www.xpcgear.com/ttsilenta1889.html. Is that even better, and is it even necessary. Or if you have any other suggestions, please let me know. And water cooling isn't really an option, it's too spendy for me, plus I doubt it's necessary.


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You will definitely need a new fan if you are planning on going up to a 3200+, and the fan you linked to seems very good to me, and it suprisingly shouldn't be particularly noisy either at only 21dB.

Remeber to get some good quality thermal paste, such as artic silver.


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The link has a little problem. You've added an extra "." at the end of html.;)

Anyways, that fan is supposed to be good ( the one in the link ) all the way to 3400+ ( which should probably be around 2.3GHz ).

Make sure to properly apply some thermal paste. The HSF probably comes with some in a tube & even though it's not Artic Silver, it should do the job. Also, if your case has sufficient ventilation, then you'll have no problems at all.:)


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did you notice the date this was posted?

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