CPU fan error

By Tomsoft
Dec 8, 2006
  1. hi,
    i have bought a second-hand computer and i have one little problem.
    im talking about:
    motherboard: ASUS kv8 deluxe cool n quiet
    Processor: AMD64 3400+
    Hardrive: Maxtor 80gb IDE
    extra: Fan controller hardware

    this guy where i bough it from had tuned it up with neon and alot of fans
    now this is my problem:
    i start up my comp and i get this CPU fan error. i've checked the cables on the motherboard and checked every other fan. but still the same error.
    i've checked my BIOS at the CPU config and it says at the CPU fan [N/A]
    but the CPU fan is spinning and all the other fans too.
    i guess i could ignore it but i dont want to blow away my computer.
    so what can i do?
  2. vintwala

    vintwala TS Rookie

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