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Jan 7, 2010
  1. hey guys im new here :D

    so i got this problem with this laptop
    a Sony VAIO VGN-CS320J

    well the cpu fan doesnt seem like its spinning :(
    my temperatures r on idle
    HD0 = 37 C
    Core0 = 39 C
    Core1 = 40 C
    Temp1= 41C

    is that bad?
    but then after a while the cpu fan randomly starts spinning and then stops after a few minutes and doesnt seem 2 start again

    is the fan busted or is it just a BIOS settings cus i read somewhere that in BIOS u can set the fan options to only spin with its needed but i rather let it spin all the time...and in speedfan it doesnt detect my fan for sum reasons...and i checked in BIOS and i dont find any fan options atall...im kinda at a loss here :(
    any help/advice on what to do is greatly appreciated :D

    Update : the fan stops spinning after getting all the temperatures lower than 40...then it just stops and it doesnt seem to start again...oh and i 4got 2 mention that...sometimes the cpu gets to about 50C and the fan still isnt spinning and if the temperature gets to 56C it shuts down the laptop...is it possible that the heat detector (if it even exist...like i said..im new to this) isnt detecting the heat effectively?
  2. Kevork

    Kevork TS Rookie Posts: 73


    In most cases this would be normal behavoiur on a laptop. Most laptops come now with temperature sensors that adjust the speeds of the fan accordingly.

    I beleive you think the fan is not working but its actually running very slowely undert the temperature rises to a certain level. In which case the fan speeds up to cool it down.

    Now dont take my work for it call Sony and ask just to make sure!
  3. chaoskryp

    chaoskryp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for answering so fast but i 4got 2 post something i sorry...
    sometimes the temp gets high ... around the 55C and then the laptop shuts off...but the thing is when it gets high around the 50's the cpu fan doesnt start...and i live in Aruba (Caribbean island) and we dont have any sony corporate stuff here...
  4. Kevork

    Kevork TS Rookie Posts: 73


    In that case its not normal. You can verify the RPM of the fan in the bios. If it in fact says 0 then you probably have a defective CPU Fan.

    I would not run the laptop untill its resolved.
  5. dividebyzero

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    Living in the Caribbean likely means your ambient (room) tempreture is fairly high in general I'm guessing. Laptops get hot under most circumstances-a hazard of placing a lot a componentry in a small area.
    Best bet would be to purchase a good USB powered cooling pad for the laptop-it will draw hot air away from the underside of the system and keep the temps down a little.

    Edit: just noticed the bit about the fan not ramping up when the temp gets into the 50's - you need to get the laptop serviced.
  6. chaoskryp

    chaoskryp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    by serviced u mean bringing it to a repair shop n lettem get a look at it right?
    and im using a Belkin Cooling Pad...it only has 1 fan on it though...
    oh and @ Kevork...even though the fan isnt running...the temps DO still stay around the 40's if im not using it...does that mean that the fans r still running but slowly or what?...or is it cus of the cooling pad?...cus the temps ONLY go up if im putting load on it and right now i dont want to put too much load on it so im just using it to surf the net...i cant even watch videos cus then they go up in the 48 - 50 range and im like...close.....and in my BIOS i dont see anything about fans...
  7. Kevork

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    Thats what I was trying to explain. It seems like the fan is defective. I would take it in to a service depot.

    Hopefully it is under warranty?
  8. chaoskryp

    chaoskryp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    im not sure if its still under warranty but it wont rly matter cus my sis bought the laptop when she went to the states so the warranty wont be effective here...
    ...im sorry but whats a defective fan? a fan that doesnt run like its supposed to?
    and if its defective...how does the temp still stay low?...and sometimes it gets lower to...
  9. chaoskryp

    chaoskryp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok a little update...cus i just remembered something...
    this laptop was already giving me sign of failing hardware
    1st was the ridiculously loud hard drive so i thought it was failing...after a few weeks the sound stopped and i was like...okay..cool
    and then came the random shut downs....i would turn on laptop...wait a while and it would turn off randomly without warning...(at that time i didnt have speedfan yet) and i would turn it back on...start windows normally and i could use it with no problems....and do the ussual stuff i do with no problems no matter how much load i put on the CPU
    then came this...i would turn on laptop...no problems unless the temperature gets to high...
    then i was google'ing and found speedfan and a advice from a forums saying that i shud take out the battery, unplug the cord, press the power button for 30 - 60 secs, plug the cord back, turn on laptop, n put the battery back in....and that actually worked and i used it the whole day with no problems no matter how much load i put on the CPU...
    then the next day it shuts down randomly again and i tried the thing i tried the day prior and it didnt work anymore....
    and now this problem....all i can do now is browse the web and make sure temps stay low....
    ughhh last time im buying a Sony laptop :(

    oh and i cant find ANYTHING about CPU fan in my BIOS :(
    any1 mind telling me how i can find it?
  10. Kevork

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  11. chaoskryp

    chaoskryp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks allot Kevork

    im gonna try that hardware diagnose 2morro cus im gonna study (test exams coming up) and 1 more thing i tried just now...
    if the fan starts and i make sure it keeps spinning ... the fan wont stop....and when it stopped it doesnt start again...i tried 2 keep the fan spinning by going on youtube and opening multiple tabs of youtube videos to keep the load on CPU up and it worked and then the second i closed all the youtube vids...the fan stopped...either its 1 hella coincidence or maybe if i keep the fan spinning it wont stop again...oh and the fan usually starts in 20 - 30 minutes in uptime...
    anyways thanks allot Kevork...if it rly is the fan...guess i wont b using this laptop in a while cus im kinda broke right now and a fan here cost about...50 afl which is equivalent to about...29 bucks and i rly dont have that money right now
    (yea im a poor guy, n my parents says : its ur laptop, its ur responsibility so they aint giving me money either :( )
  12. Kevork

    Kevork TS Rookie Posts: 73

    Anytime happy I can help.
  13. chaoskryp

    chaoskryp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok well i got something new here....
    can any1 explain to me why if i the cpu fan starts spinning...and i put allot of load on it and make sure it keeps spinning...then the fan wont stop?...i mean...is that a defective fan or something?
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