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Jan 8, 2014
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  1. Ok so my partner gets offered a acer emachine e430 101g16mi for £70 16 months old apparently main problem with the spec is the sempron m100 its pants as a single core but I read some were that its a dual core with a core disabled, is this true if so how do I enable the second core.

    If it is infact a pile of poop can I upgrade to a dual core and what wud u recommend.

    finally if all else fails whats its overclocking potential if its hopeless and some one can get back to me in time I can stop the sale and avoid the immenant disaster
  2. cliffordcooley

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    After a short search on CPU upgrades for the eMachine e430, I'm not getting any results. It may be possible but after no results, I can't say for sure it is possible. As for the question of unlocking the second core, chip makers tend to disable them because they are faulty. And the question about over-clocking, the BIOS is likely locked to prevent over-clocking. If I was to advise on this situation, it would be to deal with the slow sempron or forget about the offer.
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  3. spphoenix

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    ok ty but the AMDSR880M Chipset Socket S1 spec on wiki states its able to run a dual core on a laptop as it runs dual core ddr2 ram any idea
  4. St1ckM4n

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    Don't get it.
  5. fimbles

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    Not worth it unless it comes with a decent monitor, speakers, mouse, ect

    Semprons are pretty crappy, And due to the fact its a dell its bios will be locked down.

    Even if the second core exists and is not faulty its unlikely your motherboard will have the option to unlock this core anyway. Overclocking will also not be an option.
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