CPU Problems...

By JayDee
Aug 7, 2006
  1. right, I have an AMD Athlon 64bit 3700+ at stock speed of 2.21GHz

    recently, its been playing up, games constantly freeze, teamspeak wrecks my computers stability, and in the end I have to hard reboot.

    The reason I say its the cpu is because its running constantly at 40% usage or more.

    The weird thing is, I installed Asus PC Probe (as my mobo is asus), it tells me the cpu fan is going at 1800 ish rpm

    I look at the cpu usage (in ctrl+alt+del and Speedfan) and if the threshold in PC Probe is under what my fan is doing it say 40% usage as before, but when I put the threshold to above what my cpu fan is doing, the fan slows down to about 1500 rpm and my cpu usage goes down to about 3% to 10%

    I assume 1800rpm isnt the maximum rotation speed for a 3800+ fan (the one I have), and I dont understand why, when I set the threshold higher than what it is rotating at that the cpu usage goes down so dramaticly, if at all.

    this is really annoying me, and its been happening for a couple of days now (only today did I discover exactly whats causing it).

    I also know that when the cpu fan is on standard (without the pc probe threshold set higher), when I boot up TS, the cpu usage goes to a contant 100% and I get the lag associated with high cpu load (mouse its jerky, everything takes ages to respond).

    Im thinking either the cpu fan is borked or the actual cpu is borked, if you could please help me with this, then I wont have to buy a whole new pc.

    I was told on another tech forum, that it could possibly be a rootkit...

    however, with my system being 64bit its very difficult to get a rootkit revealer that will work. So any help there would be ace as well.

    Also, Im in a position to reinstall windows, so if there is no other way, would this help?


    sorry if this is in the wrong thread as well (Im new, in case you didnt know ;))
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    Why not try a sweep with any anti-spyware software such as Ad-Aware. If that doesn't help, then doing a system restore wouln't hurt, would it?
  3. JayDee

    JayDee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry, I guess I didnt make that clear

    Ive already scanned my entire system with:

    Spyware Docotor
    PC Tools Anti-Virus
    Registry Mechanic
    Zone Alarm AntiVirus

    I would have used AVG but there isnt a 64bit version for that yet ¬_¬

    also, I dont have a system restore point to revert to, and that just restores system settings that have been changed since, it wouldnt actually remove the rootkit // virus // solve my problem
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