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Apr 7, 2004
  1. I recently noticed a slight decrease in speed on my computer, because I tend not to look exactly at the bios when it is booting but I did last night and it was booting as a 1733mhz Althon not a 3000+ XP, it's not a major problem for the moment, but I would like to reset it back to the 3000+ what are the setting that I need to input and why would it do this without me touching the bios since I first booted the machine.

    My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-7n400 pro.
  2. Arris

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    The 3000+ should be running at 2.16Ghz which would work out with a fsb of 166 to have a multiplier of 13. It sounds like your board has reset to be running with a 133 fsb which would give you your 1729 speed (give or take clock discrepancies of a few Mhz). You can either set the bios to use the settings from the chip for the correct speed or set the multiplier to 13 and the fsb to 166 in the bios using user editable settings.
  3. Nause

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    Fixed it but still worried about it

    So it was the mulitper that got reset to default, but that leaves me with the question "Why would it be reset without me touching the bios from 13x to default" ? Any ideas because I don't want this to be a constant problem of it reseting itself and me having to fix it. And why did it forget that single setting and remember all my other much more complex bios settings for my sata drive and boot sequence etc. It's not like its a protection thing to stop it over heating because I have a massive fan on my CPU that keeps it at about 30-40 degrees even at peak use and my case is a thermaltake v1000a which has like about 10-12 fans in it of decent size and that keeps the whole system at about 25-30 degrees even in the summer...................... me is confused :( :mad:
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    No not the multiplier.
    It looks like its staying at 13. Looks like the fsb is dropping from 166 to 133. Dunno why since its a 333 chip you have. Just set it manually to those parameters and it should be fine.

    Multi : 13
    fsb : 166

    I have read of other people having problems with the board not running at the proper speed and the fsb running at 100 instead of 133, or 133 instead of 166. Often this is a problem with the bios not being up to date to "officially" support the chip. But since your gigabyte board is a new model I wouldn't think that this would be a problem you would experience. As I have said, try setting the fsb manually rather than setting it to default of the chip.
  5. Nause

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    Well thanks very much for your time and help anyway hopefully it won't happen again.
  6. SNGX1275

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    Another thing that can cause it to "reset" is if you turned it on and back off before it started booting the OS. Many BIOSes see this as some boot failure and then they default back to factory settings to try and successfully boot the machine that way.
    Not saying you turned it on and off real quick, but there are some other factors such as a card or ram not being properly seated I'm sure there are others as well.
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