CPU swap help needed

By vegetablemonste
Jul 12, 2007
  1. I got a MSI P6N SLI Platinum mobo, and right now I have a 2.66ghz E6700 core 2 duo processor in there. i also have a regular MSI P6N mobo with a 3.4ghz dual-core pentium D processor. I am using the MSI platinum currently, and i would kinda like to swap the processors since i figure they're both dual-core but on has a higher ghz. firstly, would that be better? (I use my system for games, internet, movies, and music). I got the core 2 duo because it said that it would run cooler, but it runs the same as the pentium D when i used it in the mobo it's in now. when i originally tried to swap them (i probably messed up big time, but nothing was damaged) i just switched them, when i booted up it was just a black screen. i put the core 2 duo back in, and when i first started up, something popped up that said basically "previous overclocking failed." when you switch to a higher ghz CPU, does the system view that as overclocking?
    please help.
  2. CMH

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    That doesn't count as overclocking.

    The Core2Duo as a lower clock (measured in ghz), but it performs better than your PentiumD. And I'm talking much much faster.

    Your older MSI motherboard may not support the Core2Duo, even though it uses the same socket. A BIOS update may fix that, but its not guaranteed.
  3. nickc

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    also although I have not used either of those boards lots of the time that can be reset just by entering the BIOS. (just a thought). if the board is compattable with ever thing on the board.
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