CPU Temp increases greatly with program load

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Jan 13, 2006
  1. Ok so I've had this problem since I built my system almost a year ago. My cpu idles at anywhere between 30-40c but when I load anything that uses the processing power the temp jumps to 55c or greater. (in example a matrix screensaver, WoW, burning cds etc..) I know that's still a "safe" temperature, but this is without overclocking or anything. If I overclock slightly, the temp increases greatly. I'd like to know why my cpu temp would increase so greatly.

    AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Newcastle 800MHz FSB Socket 754 is what I'm using and I upgraded the fan to Thermaltake VENUS 12 80mm Ball Cooling Fan/Heatsink which usually runs at about 2100rpm idle and 2500ish when I'm gaming or whatever. I'm also using some of the arctic silver compound.

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. DragonFury

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    have you redone your comp latly ? ( complete reformat reinstall windows ) if not done in last 4 - six months be a good idea to do so also are u using the stock hsf ? if so i would look into replacing it and maybe clean up the interior of the case as well ...
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    Your temperatures are fine. Reloading windows isn't going to fix any hardware issues, temperatures included.

    If you think about it a bit you might be able to solve the 'problem'.

    You know without the heatsink on, the processor will overheat and go into protection mode quickly. You know with a heatsink on but no fan, the same may happen over time depending on ambient air conditions. You know with a fan on your temperatures are normal under low load. You know under high load temperatures increase a lot. So the issue here is the heat transfer rate, getting the heat from the processor, to the heatsink, then to the air. You already switched fans and heatsinks to a "better" one than the stock. My guess then, based on what I said above, is you have poor thermal conductivity between your heatsink and your processor. You probably put too much paste on the processor.
  4. umbrisshadow

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Im not entirely sure that would help only because I did use the stock fan that came with the cpu and it was doing the same thing and that has just the normal pad of thermal grease on it. Besides I'm afraid to take out the cpu again and clean it and reapply stuff to it.
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    my computer does the same thing...idles at 35 degrees Celcius but when i encrypt a DVD it jumps to 55 or so and playing BF2 while downloading and copying a DVD at the same tyme jumps to 63 degrees....it's just because the CPU is doing a lot of work...shouldn't be a problem, i am running a Pentium D though...oh well...
  6. Oslove

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    Remove the hsk fan & clean the heatsink, that way you do not have to remove the hsk.
    Also clean out all fans, grills & bezels, I personally have removed the fine mesh grills throughout the case & psu this increased airflow like no ones business, also installed additional exhaust fan at the rear.
    Temp dropped by around 10 C +. I must point out I did abit of un-orthadox fan locations & ducting as well.
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