CPU Too Hot?

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Mar 18, 2006
  1. Hello, i just downloaded a motherboard monitor program and it says my CPU is at 72 Degrees Celsius, and im not running no applications is that too hot? recently my computer has become REALLY SLOW, my PSU recently blew so i bought a new one 400w so it couldnt be the CPU could it heres my spec:

    ASrock M266A Motherboard
    2.4Ghz Celeron Processor 400Mhz FSB
    768MB DDR PC2100 Ram
    ASUS Ati Radeon 9550 GE 256Mb Graphics Card
    Soundblaster Live 5.1 Digital Sound Card

    on my PSU it says Total output 400w and then at the bottom it says Output 245W is that a too lower PSU?? Specialy while running games the computer just goes Really bad, even games that need HALF of my computer Spec to run at full detail Run really bad on LOW detail, i have scanned clean for all spyware adware viruses, any help would be greatly apreciated thanks but this computer is really bugging me... :(
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    Is your cpu cooling fan running and heatsink on properly?

    I doubt that temp could be right, I'd think it would have fried the processor if it was running that hot. Maybe mbm isn't configured for your board properly. Anyway, you can't expect a celeron cpu and a 9550ge to run the fastest in games, but it should be usuable on low/med settings in many fairly new games.
  3. insane001

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    i dont really know if everything is working properly im a noob you see, how do i check? i set motherboard monitor for the exact model number as my motherboard, and im not talking about new games, i tried a game which needed a 32mb graphics card i have 256, 700mhz REcomended speed, 128mb Recommended Ram, and this game runs at a really bad FPS on LOW detail my old 500mhz comuter use to run it faster :(
  4. kirock

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    If that 72C is real you're in big trouble and about to kill the CPU. It probably is real nad is throttling back the CPU performance and thus your problems with games. I'd carefully reach in a touch the CPU heatsink (don't burn yourself) to see if it really is that hot. If so then turn off PC immediately.

    You need to remove your heatsink and fan assembly from the cPU. clean it and apply thermal paste. If it's attached by a thermal pad (most likely) you'll have to carefully pry off the heatsink from the CPU die and might need to remove the CPU from the socket first. Then clean the top of the CPU with a QTip and alcohol. Apply some freash thermal paste, reinstall CPU then the fan/heatsink.
  5. insane001

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    lol thanks but i dont know where to start, there should be a book for me CPU For Dummies :( lol MBM definatly says 73 Degrees CPU and sometimes warns me CPU too hot and i press turn off and nothing happens and the right now its 72 Degrees CPU, 35 Degrees Case and sensor 3 Degrees Celsius this is all Celsius, not Fahrenheit does that make a difference?
  6. vnf4ultra

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    Ok, to remove the heatsink, open your pc case(usually remove a thumbscrew and slide the side panel off), and then find your cpu's heatsink. It's a large metal chunk with fins on top, and usually a fan mounted on top of the fins.
    The bottom of this page has some pics of heatsinks used on intel cpus.

    You usually flip a lever or two built into the heatsink, and this will release the heatsink. Sometimes it takes a little jiggling around of the heatsink to get it loose, but be careful. Once you get it off the cpu(processor), you can clean the cpu(the shiny metal part that contacts the heatsink), and the bottom of the heatsink with rubbing alcohol until clean. Then once clean apply a very small dab(like a grain of rice of thermal grease, like artic silver 5, and carefully spread it in a very thin layer on the cpu top, until you have a nice thin even layer. It should be almost transparently thin. Once that's done, put the heatsink back on the cpu, connect the latching points and flip the lever(s) to secure the heatsink on firmly. Make sure you reconnec the cpu fan wire if you disconnected it, and then you can turn the pc on. Keep the case open and watch to make sure your heatsink fan is spinning, and also check if the other fans are spinning as well, like case fans, or power supply fans. If all is well you can shut the case, and then check your temps when in windows again. Hopefully this time the temps are better.
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    P4's which was built sometime ago will have their CPU stuck to the heatsink. So I'd be careful about it, or I'd remove it while its still hot (hopefully it'll come off easily).

    If it doesn't, just gently pull it off, the CPU might come out with it, as long as the pins don't fall off (or get bent), you're fine. I've done it a few times without a problem. There's a thread about it somewhere...

    Also, I'm not familliar with Celerons (I'm sure its pretty much the same as P4, but I might be wrong) so it might not be the case.

    Celerons, if they are like P4s, have heatsinks with the black thermal pad. You'll have to slowly pry that pad off if you remove the heatsink. I wouldn't recommend using it in the first place, worse still since its used. Do not scratch the surface if you pry it off. Fingernails should be fine.

    I won't think you'd need to change the heatsnk if you do no overclocking. Using a Celeron to OC is just the most hillarious thing I'll ever hear of.
  8. YellowC4S

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    I'm not sure about Intel's but AMD chips really don't like anything over 55C.
  9. filipmike33

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    Whoa 72C thats really bad bro, Ive had the same problem as you and my CPU died on me. I got a enw one and bought Dynex Silver compound grease and now im getting 41C while surfing the net, 56C while playing a game(highest its been) and around 32C on idle. You should really buy the Dynex or the Arctic 5, trust me, your CPU will love you.
  10. a40961

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    m266a mobo and cpu temps

    I have the same mobo and cpu. According to bios, mb temp 34 deg celcius and cpu 48 degree celcius. Recently cleaned heatsink and fan and applied new thermal paste (artic 5). U do have to remove the pad before applying new grease. I use everest sys monitor occassionally and it shows the same temps as the bios monitor.

    I also have 3 case fans. Actually thinking bout changing out the cpu fan and heatsink to something better.

    HTH. Holler if u need more help.

    Edit: Sorry, didn't see the date stamp on ur orig msg. Obviously u prob have solved this by NOW.
  11. jonmcc33

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    Which AMD chips? My Opteron 165 can get hotter than that when pushed with Prime95.
  12. Matthew

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    This thread is two years old...
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    To treat a overheating condition
    1.find cause
    CPU fan not working
    Incorrectly clamped heatsink
    Thermal Grease absent or insufficient
    2. Correct cause
    Replace fan
    COrrectly place heatsink
    Buy a tube of TC 1996 Thermal grease and apply a little amount carefully on the heatsink undersurface. Properly clamp the heatsink.
    The thermal grease reduces temperatures a lot!
    there you go!

    To read the temperatures you can use the BIOS... it's the easiest way

    CPUidle and speedfan can be used if you want to lower temperatures in case the above techniques don't work
    Google them

    Speedfan also gives you the CPU temp and fan speed.

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    2 years old!!!

    Suggestion: threads which have no posts after a year should be locked.....
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