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By cfitzarl
Sep 5, 2006
  1. I have my Celeron Processor overclocked (see signature), and my BIOS gives me the option to change the cpu frequency so I could overclock higher. The option right now is set on "normal", and I wanted to crank the fsb to 160 (now at 155) to make 3.2 ghz, although the system becomes unstable. The voltage options list (besides normal): .01, .02, and .03. What should I do (if anything) to the voltage? Also, I have an option for changing the dram frequency (changeble in speeds of mhz). I have looked onling to see what the dram is, and I have figured out it has something to do with the ram of the computer, although the website I was on only gave ratios; what does this option do?
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    Can you post some more detailed specs?


  3. cfitzarl

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    The Bios Screen Looks as follows:

    Manufacturor: Intel(R)
    CPU-Overclocking Frequency Function: Enabled
    CPU_Overclocking Function: 155
    CPU-Frequency: 155
    DRAM Frequency: Auto
    CPU Voltage Auto
    Memory Voltage: Auto
    AGP Voltage: Normal

    The DRAM Frequency gives me the options:

    The Memory Voltage gives me:

    .05v .25v
    .10v .30v
    .15v .35v

    The CPU Voltage gives me the options:

    The AGP Voltage gives me the options:

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