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Jul 24, 2007
  1. I already have a windows 2000 cd but it doesnot boot.When i enter into the cd trough floppy and type the setup file it says this program cannot be run in MS-DOS mode..can any one help me how to creat a windows 2000 bootable cd
  2. raybay

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    There is software at the back end of a Windows 2000 CD that will help you create a 4-floppy boot set. There is also a download at Microsoft, but it is difficult to find. You can also copy the install files to sectors on the hard drive, then boot or install from those sectors.
    Creating a Windows 2000 boot disc otherwise is extremely difficult, as Microsoft intentionally made it impossible to do.
    Usually a W2K disk that does not boot is damaged by scratches. You can use one of the buffing or polishing devices to polish the disc (but don't overdo it) which will usually fix most problems except deep scratches that run diagonally.
    We cannot tell you how to make an illegal copy, as per the policy of this forum. I can send you a CD if you have your own legal product ID, but there are 11 different versions of W2K, so you need the right match between the CD and the Product Key or ID.
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    The problem is you can't run setup.exe from DOS. You can still run the install though:
  4. gguerra

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  5. raybay

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    But you will be amazed at how they do not work when you are working with a damaged disc. These are the same as previously described . The W2K Pro disks are zipped images from the MS CD, and available from the Microsoft downloads. You can download them to a new folder where you use a number of different boot setup software.

    But they do not help much if the original disc is damaged, and you need more than the ability to boot... such as install.

    Computer hope, the way it is typed, does not open.

    Try reading what you Google. You will be amazed at what you can learn.
  6. gguerra

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    I believe the original poster was just not able to boot since he had a bad CD. So he could create a W2K boot CD from a downloadable ISO image, boot off that CD that then use his full CD to do the install.. Just a thought.

    P.S. There are ISO images here

    Of course he would need a 2nd PC with a burner
  7. raybay

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    We are well familiar with the tools at the site. Perhaps you have had better luck. But we have found that very small tool (147k) only provides repair for the four boot sectors. The damage we find which stops the boot install are nearly always found elsewhere on the disc. Any scratch anywhere on the disc prevents the read.
    Of course, bypassing the boot sectors it is worth a try.
    When he said it "doesn't boot" I may have assumed too much in thinking it would not detect either. Of course, if he only wants to bypass those first four (or so) sectors, he might get by with a little juggling.
    I assumed that, but without the broader knowledge and long experience of a professional tech, I suspect he would never have been able to create the image from a damaged disc when it is in such a state that it will not boot. The average high end user still does not have the types of drives and setup necessary to copy or create an ISO image from a damaged disc. Most optical drives nowadays, when used with Roxio, Nero, Record Now, or Sonic still scan the entire disc and refuse to act if their scan picks up damage anywhere... even high end software will not copy the defective parts of the disc, where files and folders exist that are damaged. You need a copier that does bit by bit transfers. There is software that will help do that, but is very time consuming.

    It is much better to repair the entire disc and damage with one of the $25 repair tools. They do not require that the scratch be entirely removed... just that the scratch reflectance and edges be polished.

    He doesn't need a sceond PC, but rather a PC with a second burner.
  8. gguerra

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    I really did not mean for this to turn into a debate.. If you will look at the original message all he wants help on how to create a bootable windows CD. Of course there many ways to skin a cat so to speak, what he should do is go out and buy XP which should still have a decent lifespan. I think it wont be long before MS drops support for W2k much like they did for win98.
  9. raybay

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    I don't think you got a debate. You got different solutions from various levels of experience... some who are good at Gurgle searches, and others from people who have gone through it enough to know it is not as easy as it sounds.
    I will be happy to send him a disc, if he has the product ID for Windows 2000 Professional. I just don't want to see him waste a lot of time on things that do not work very often, when all he needs to do is buy a disc polisher from Wal-Mart of Best Buy.

    Microsoft has dropped most support for W2K as of September, 2006. Though Windows 2000 is no longer fully supported by Microsoft, aAn update is only available under Microsoft's Extended Hotfix Support.

    I, too, am one of those stubborn people who likes Windows 2000 Professional... but the lack of support is starting to hurt on new equipment.

    I will still provide a disc to Jaseemkannur, if he assures he has the product ID... or sends his email address.
  10. gguerra

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    Not that I like to beat a dead horse, but how on earth do you know my level of experience?? I've been working on PC's since just after they were introduced in 1981. I have a bachelor's degree in CIS (1985). I'm no newbie, but like I said I'm not going to get in an infantile discussion with a "know it all". The disc polisher does not always work (i've tried them) and there goes $25 down the drain. Oh and BTW, it's Google not gurgle.. I was trying to help him and not you so Good bye... End of discussion (for me anyway)
  11. SNGX1275

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    I think my answer was the best :) Sure he asked for how to make it bootable, but in my years of expierence when I see a problem like what he described I think it is much more likely that he has a copied 2000 disk, where it wasn't copied correctly, rather a drag and drop of files, so the bootable parts didn't get copied.

    That would leave you with a perfectly good 2000 disk, it just won't boot. Which is exactly what he said:
    Another key part in this is he says that it can't be run in MS-DOS Mode, this is correct if you try to do it like the old 9x days where you could just type <cddrive>:\setup.exe and have it work. Now there is a setup.exe on a 2000 disk, and that file can be ran from within Windows. It will not run from within DOS, that is what I'm guessing he typed in. So to install you need to run winnt.exe which is in the I386 directory.

    There likely is no need for him to buy/obtain a new stamped disk.
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