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By JimShady23
Jan 20, 2006
  1. Hey all I was just thinking that it would be fun and interesting to have a "for fun" contest were individuals here at techspot can show off their custom pc work where they can be judged by catagories....and in all get a little well deserved recognition for thier work and dedication to the hobby. I know we have the members gallary but you really dont go head to head with anyone ya lnow ?

    Here is what I was thinking in minds of catagories:

    Best Fan Cooled System
    Best Water Cooled System

    And lets get it out in the open that somone with the most extreme hardware will not surpase somone with average hardware (not everyone is rich) I.E. A 4800 X2 CPU AND 2 7800 GTX's will have no advantage over somone with a Athlon XP 2500 and a 4200ti other than neatness of any cables or heat sink installation to the the componants. Basically Judge on Exterier case looks (stickers, logo's, airbrushing, window kits, I/O plates ect....) Interior neatness and creativity (layout, lighting, cable managment and overall cleanliness and attention to detail)

    Best Customized Case Modification

    Here is where we get crazy...There are some people out there that no matter what, a stock case just dont have the edge they are looking for and they have to mod it. Neatness need not apply to this catagory (but im sure it may help.) If you went crazy with the airbrush, roto-zip, pliers, drill, dremel tool, rivits or blow tourch then this catagory is for you. CASE STICKERS NEED NOT APPLY !!!! ACTUAL CASE MODIFICATION REQUIRED....

    I am not sure exactly how to do this so I am asking for the help of a techspot moderator to give me a hand setting this up. I think it will be interesting and a lot of fun....

    Dont Be Shy Tell Me What You Think Of The Idea.....
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966


    Probably have more responses posting this here
    But all in all, I think this IS what techSpot is all about already.
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