Creative Rhomba Goner?

By Shawn2k5
May 21, 2006
  1. Well i went to bed for like 8 hours and woke up to find that my Rhomba doesnt turn on anymore. Apparently my little brothers and sisters had been fiddling with it. Anyways whenever i connect the Rhomba to my computer it comes up as "SAA7750 Solid State Audio Player" i read around the net and found that it most likely means my firmware is wrecked. I have the firmware and tried to reinstall it on the device but it wont be recognized by windows. Does anyone know of a way to "force a device to update" its firmware? Such as just selecting the firmware and selecting the usb port it is in? I really dont want to replace it, warrenty is gone and its like 180+USD still :(.
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