Crypto app installs in the US grew nearly 300 percent on Super Bowl Sunday

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In a nutshell: Super Bowl LVI didn’t take place at Arena in Los Angeles, but you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise considering all the hype around virtual currencies during and after the big game. According to the latest data from app analytics firm Sensor Tower, three out of the top five mobile-first brands that advertised during the Super Bowl were crypto apps.

We already knew Coinbase had a successful outing, as its bouncing QR code spot resulted in a surge of newcomers that crashed the app and forced the company to limit traffic to its website. Coinbase said it was more traffic than they have ever encountered.

eToro and FTX also saw impressive growth on Super Bowl Sunday, with downloads of the former increasing 132 percent and the latter 130 percent. Interest was still going strong the following day, up 82 percent and 81 percent, respectively.

DraftKings and Caesars – both sports books – placed second and third, respectively, in app download growth in the US on Super Bowl Sunday. Data reveals that downloads of the DraftKings app shot up 197 percent while downloads of Caesars increased 147 percent.

FTX's Super Bowl ad featured comedian, writer, actor, director and producer Larry David and was good for a couple laughs. eToro's spot, meanwhile, took a more serious tone as it revolved around the concept of social investing.

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They need to keep adding victims to the Ponzi scheme so those at the top of the pyramid can cash out into REAL currency. Most of these fools will end-up as the bag holders that will eventually cry to the federal government for "reparations" when they lose it all.


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Crypto takes over the day it brings down the world monetary systems. Hmmm makes no sense but that's what crypto aims to do


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I guess the Bitcoin crash into the 40s from almost 70K doesn't scare the new Ponzi victims.


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I guess the Bitcoin crash into the 40s from almost 70K doesn't scare the new Ponzi victims.

We'll see in 2050. Either it will disappear or it will be in the millions. I was looking over a different coin (Proof of Stake) where you can "freeze" your assets for various amounts of time. Most of the frozen coins are set for 10 years (60%). So people in the crypto space don't really care what the price of Bitcoin is in 2025 or 2030.